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The Good Ship Murder on SBS – Sun, sea and murder. Jack Grayling is an ex-copper now moonlighting as a cabaret singer on board a luxury Mediterranean cruise ship, where he finds himself solving a wave of murder mysteries.

Working alongside the ambitious, female First Officer Kate Woods and cheerful waiter Jamil, they soon become a formidable team of detectives.

As the ship sails into La Rochelle, Jack and Kate must quickly put their differences aside when a mysterious passenger is found dead.

While the mystery brings Jack and Kate closer, shrewd Jack somehow misses that Kate has a boyfriend, the prim and proper Second Officer Piers de Vresse. Kate wonders what would make a former cop become a lounge singer.

And on the ships final journey into Valetta, a golden opportunity means Jack must decide whether to abandon ship, and Kate must decide if she should give him a reason to stay, while celebrity passenger Vida Devine has a hit song to die for.

Season One, Episode One:

Cop turned cruise ship singer Jack Grayling and First Officer Kate Woods embark on a new journey, encountering murder in port.

The Good Ship Murder on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series – Friday, 2 February at 7.35pm (8 Parts)

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The Good Ship Murder on SBS

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