Aaron Ryan

Aaron Ryan has had extensive experience working in the media for outlets such as The Kalgoorlie Miner, ebroadcast, Mumbrella and TV Blackbox. He was the owner and editor of TV Central over a decade ago and has now relaunched the site. Aaron will celebrate 25 years in the industry in 2023. He has worked in other professional fields such as the Department, Education Department and Youthcare. Aaron is a qualified primary school teacher and Chaplain and is committed to helping those at risk. In the television industry, Aaron has a special interest in the machinations of programming and publicity and has completed podcasts with the likes of David Mott, Tim Worner, Angus Ross, Bev McGarvey, Michael Carrington and Hamish Turner. Having amassed over 65 podcasts to date, Aaron delves deeper with his guests to uncover stories that are not typical of other interviews.

Aaron sees other outlets in the industry as complimentary to what he does, rather than competition and is a keen reader and supporter of many media websites in Australia and internationally.

Aaron can be heard on Mondays fortnightly on radio station Sonshine FM in Perth.

If you have a tip, would like to submit a story, write for TV Central or have a question please contact me through:

Phone: 0400 218 566
Email: aaron@tvcentral.com.au

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