Big Brother 2022 Eviction #1 – Josh

It’s time to go…. JOSH

It may have been a short stay at the Big Brother house, but Josh made a massive impact on both the house, the audience and fellow housemate Sam.

In a revealing discussion, Josh opens up about his game play, the perhaps not so surprise about seeing Sam in the house and whether he has any regrets about his Big Brother plan.

Official Channel 7 Recap

Tuesday night on Big Brother, generations of housemates came face to face, with Josh unhappy at the ‘celebrities’ presence in the house and still fuming over the cancelled eviction.

Later in the night three more Big Brother royalty made their way to the house through a secret doorway. Trevor, Layla and Drew were sent underground to Big Brother’s sewer, wreaking havoc with his plumbing.

Josh bared his soul in an attempt to win back his dream girl, Sam, but her rejection left him heartbroken.

In a gruelling nominations challenge, devastated Josh was determined to hang on, but Joel proved unbeatable as he claimed his second victory and another chance to nominate three housemates for eviction.

He chose wildcard Josh, Sam, and Big Brother’s most nominated housemate: Estelle.

As the war between new and old waged on, Tim knew his side needed Josh in the house as their secret weapon, but Josh couldn’t be saved despite his best efforts.

It was a tie between Josh and Sam, with the decision reverting to the challenge winner: Joel. He sent Josh packing as the first housemate to leave Big Brother’s house.

“I definitely had the eyes on the prize for this one. Unfortunately, it was either him or I at this stage,” Joel said.

Wednesday night on Big Brother: Tim finds reinforcement as the battle between new and the old explodes, sparks fly as more royalty enter the house and a nomination twist has the house reeling.

Big Brother – Continues 7.30pm Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

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