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Today - Bill Busters (image - Nine) and The Today Show join forces to help Australians bust their bills

Australians are continuing to feel the squeeze of the cost-of-living crisis, with a tenth-straight rate rise and sting of inflation making life harder than ever for millions around the country.

With months of pain still ahead, and the Today show have teamed up for a special series aimed at making every dollar stretch further.

Money-saving expert Joel Gibson’s 12-Week Bill Busters Boot Camp will bring Aussies hundreds of money-saving tricks, tips, hacks and loopholes to help you save cash on everything from groceries to gardening, childcare, the car and everything in between.

“Most Australian households have never seen the cost of living as high as it will be in 2023,” said Gibson.

“We need to do whatever we can to help households find the easiest savings in their budget this year so we’ve created this series to do just that. Fortunately, there are hundreds or even thousands of dollars that most households can claw back from businesses, governments and other sources if they just know the best tools, shortcuts and strategies available.

“So I encourage Aussies to join our boot camp and we’ll make you a lean, mean, money-saving machine.”

Nine’s Director of Morning Television, Steven Burling said,

“With the cost crunch being felt Australia-wide, our audience is desperate for practical advice that will help take the pressure off their weekly spend. These tips and hacks don’t require an economics degree to understand, they’re straightforward and simple. Watch, and save!”

Director of, Kerri Elstub said,

“Joel literally wrote the books on simple ways to save money. Combining his knowledge with the power of television and digital will allow us to make a real difference to people’s hip pockets.”

You can watch Joel Gibson on the Today show every Wednesday, and follow all his tips and tricks at

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