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Blink Twice – When tech billionaire Slater King (Channing Tatum) meets cocktail waitress Frida (Naomi Ackie) at his fundraising gala, sparks fly.

He invites her to join him and his friends on a dream vacation on his private island. It’s paradise.

Wild nights blend into sun soaked days and everyone’s having a great time. No one wants this trip to end, but as strange things start to happen, Frida begins to question her reality.

There is something wrong with this place. She’ll have to uncover the truth if she wants to make it out of this party alive.

With an ensemble cast including Naomi Ackie, Channing Tatum, Alia Shawkat, Simon Rex, Adria Arjona, Haley Joel Osment, Christian Slater, Kyle MacLachlan and Geena Davis, BLINK TWICE is a wild new psychological thriller directed by Zoë Kravitz.

DIRECTED BY: Zoë Kravitz

WRITTEN BY: Zoë Kravitz & E.T. Feigenbaum

PRODUCED BY: Bruce Cohen, Tiffany Persons, Garret Levitz, Zoë Kravitz, Channing Tatum

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Stacy Perskie, Jordan Harkins, Vania Schlogel

MUSIC BY: Chanda Dancy

CAST: Naomi Ackie, Channing Tatum, Christian Slater, Simon Rex, Adria Arjona, Kyle MacLachlan, Geena Davis, Alia Shawkat

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