Mal Walden

The man that once caused public protests and staff walk outs after a high profile sacking, managed six decades in the media and chats to Aaron Ryan about his career, Channel 10, the reason for his longevity and his passion for writing.

Throughout the podcast, Mal Walden talks about:

  • Life in lockdown
  • Being sacked by Channel 7 just hours before going to air
  • Public protests that followed the sacking
  • Great story about Greg Pearce and his first taxi ride to Channel 7
  • Thoughts on the recent cuts to the news division at 10
  • The changing style of presenting over the years
  • Thoughts on new owners of television and the link to cuts
  • Is the newsreader the main reason for ratings performance?
  • A number of bloopers over his career
  • How his media career started
  • What his longetivity is attributed to
  • His new book Mal Walden’s Crazy Crims
  • Passion for writing
  • Previous and future publications in writing

Mal’s recent book is Mal Walden’s Crazy Crims from Brolga Publishing and is available now

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Mal also has other publications available including

Special thanks to Mal for a very open and insightful discussion and the many stories he shared over his career.

Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

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