Troppo on ABC and ABC iview S2E2
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Tonight | Troppo on ABC and ABC iview S2E2

Troppo on ABC and ABC iview S2E2 – Wounded from a shotgun blast of rock salt, Ted (Thomas Jane) is no closer to understanding Julian’s payments to White Hat Investments.

He calls Amanda (Nicole Chamoun), who is rattled after her encounter with Twist (Simon Lyndon) and is convinced he must have had a hand in Julian’s (Andrew Buchanan) murder. However, they soon learn Twist is Julian’s half-brother and Raph’s (Ethan Lwin) uncle.

Ted and Amanda investigate Family Tree’s neighbours, Max (Robert Mammone) and Stella McQuillan (Di Adams), but find them less than cooperative. They discover that the McQuillans’ son, died in a boating accident three years earlier with Raph at the helm, and both boys high on a mystery drug.

The McQuillans harbour a bitter grudge against Julian after he pulled strings to keep Raph out of trouble.

With no solid alibis for the night Julian died, Ted and Amanda put the McQuillans at the top of the suspect list.

That night, while Raph torches the McQuillan’s memorial to their dead son, Amanda discovers Twist has gifted her a deadly snake, and Ted sees Julian’s stolen E-Type Jag whiz past him on the road.

Production Credit: A Perpetual Entertainment and Beyond Entertainment (a Banijay company) production in association with Renegade Entertainment.

Troppo on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 12 July at 8:20pm

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Troppo on ABC and ABC iview S2E2

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