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Troppo on ABC – It’s a hot and humid night in Crimson Lake when a mysterious figure shoves a burning body over a cliff… landing on a pair of lovers far below, killing one of them.

In Sydney, Ted (Thomas Jane) is enjoying his daughter’s birthday, but his attempt to reconcile with his family is ruined when the police arrive with a warrant to search the house, still convinced Ted is guilty of the assault on Claire Bingley.

Meanwhile, Amanda (Nicole Chamoun) takes tentative steps towards dating but bolts from an intriguing woman who turns out to be Detective Pip Sweeney (Zindzi Okenyo), newly arrived in Crimson Lake, to investigate the murder of Julian Naughton (Andrew Buchanan), the burning body.

Sweeney’s prime suspect is Julian’s son Raph (Ethan Lwin) – but Raph’s girlfriend Tayla (Miah Madden) is adamant that he is innocent and hires Ted and Amanda to prove it.

Visiting Julian’s business, Family Tree, the PIs learn Julian’s prized E-Type Jaguar was stolen the night he died. After talking to Val, Amanda identifies the second body as the wife of a violent bikie, and discovers that her secret lover, Zach (Alex Kaan), was with her and therefore a potential witness to Julian’s death.

However, they must rescue him from Erin’s bikie husband in order to question him!. Shaken, Zach admits he witnessed Julian’s blazing body falling from the cliff but saw nothing else.

With Zach a dead-end, Ted follows Julian’s money trail to an abandoned building, where he finds himself at the wrong end of a shotgun while Amanda runs into Twist (Simon Lyndon) at the morgue, standing over Julian’s burned body. Her nemesis is back in town.

Production Credit: A Perpetual Entertainment and Beyond Entertainment (a Banijay company) production in association with Renegade Entertainment.

Troppo on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 5 July at 8:25pm

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Troppo on ABC

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