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Austin on ABC – During a meeting with his agent and a slick PR spin doctor, it is suggested to Julian (Ben Miller) that perhaps Austin (Michael Theo), the Autistic son he never knew he had, might be his path to un-cancellation. A heartwarming documentary would be the perfect PR vehicle.

A lunch is arranged at Austin’s home where Julian hopes to ingratiate himself to Austin and begin his path to redemption. But an awkward exchange between Austin’s mother Mel (Gia Carides) and Ingrid (Sallt Phillips) confirms Julian was seeing Mel and her at the same time.

At the lunch table Austin is keen to get to know his father and to clear up the discrepancies in Julian’s Wikipedia page. He also wants to know why Julian had sex with his mother. Once back at the hotel Ingrid is determined to get even with Julian and heads to the hotel bar for some extra marital wham wham.

Production credit: A Northern Pictures production with Lincoln Pictures for the ABC. Major Production investment from the ABC in association with Screen Australia, the ACT Government and Screen Canberra. Post Produced with the assistance of the NSW Government in association with ITV Studios.

Austin on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 16 June at 8.00pm

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Austin on ABC

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