Claire on The Traitors
Claire on The Traitors (image - 10)

Recap – The Faithful track another Traitor. Banished: Claire (Traitor)

Banished: Claire (Traitor)

The Faithful nabbed themselves another Traitor in Claire tonight, but it was a fellow Traitor who was their main undoing.

It was tense in Traitors Towers following Angus’ banishment with Claire blindsided by Nigel and Marielle in the vote for Angus.

The awkwardness was interrupted by the news there would be no murder tonight. Instead, the remaining Traitors had to choose three players to take part in a little game of blackjack with Nigel, Mark and Lewis winning an extra $40k for their winning prize pool.

Ecstatic off the back of finally banishing their first Traitor, the Faithful were determined to make it a streak, looking to the next suspect in line – Claire, whose emotions were starting to show.

Nigel was conflicted about potentially losing another fellow Traitor, all the while, Marielle wilfully plotted to betray Claire. She believed this would solidify her position as a Faithful to the group.

In the challenge, it was off to the local airport to assemble giant safety markings on the side of an airstrip so planes carrying silver bars, could safely land. The contestants managed to get all three correct – a big day for the prize pool!

During Banishment, a nervous Claire discreetly asked Marielle if she was going to vote for her, to which Marielle responded “I don’t know”. Marielle did know, voting for Claire, and in turn helping to banish a second Traitor.

Can the Faithfuls make it three from three? Find out when The Traitors continues Sunday night at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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