Mark from The Traitors (image - Nigel Wright)

Recap – The Faithful are falling. Murdered: Mark (Faithful). Banished: Matt (Faithful).

The Faithful Are Falling.  

Murdered: Mark (Faithful)

Banished: Matt (Faithful)

At the halfway mark, the remaining Traitors and Faithful players were feeling the pressure.

With two empty seats at breakfast, it was clear that either Kate or Mark were murdered overnight. Everyone wanted Mark to walk through the door, after earning a reputation as a Traitor Hunter. Instead, Kate entered the room, meaning Mark was the unlucky target.

Uncertainty overwhelmed the group, especially on the way to the first challenge. Host Rodger Corser took the players to an abandoned rail track, where they had to work together to catapult a ball to hit targets above them. The team nailed the challenge, and secured an impressive ten out of ten silver bars.

After some time back at the hotel, where many theories were discussed, the players had to fight for their safety in the Shield Challenge. They were to nominate another player and attempt to shoot their name tile with a crossbow, resulting in their elimination from the challenge. While Dirk was making the others suspicious of him, Kate was not missing a beat and was the last player standing. She won the shield which sent waves through the group who were going to vote for her banishment. The next popular target was Dirk.

At the Banishment Ceremony, Dirk felt hopeless while asking the others to save him. Matt continued his aggressive targeting of Teresa, which put the others offside. Many changed their votes to Matt, where he was banished in an overwhelming majority vote.

At Traitors Tower, Marielle and Nigel were surprised to find a note from Rodger. There was to be no murder tonight, instead, they were to ask a Faithful to turn into a Traitor. They land on Alex as the best candidate for their strategy.

Will Alex accept their secret offer? Find out when The Traitors continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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