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Shark Tank Australia - Susan (Laundry Lady) and Robert (image - 10)

Recap | Shark Tank on 10 and 10 Play (3 October)

Shark Tank on 10 – Shark Robert Invests One Million Dollars In Dirty Laundry. All New Shark Tank Australia. Tuesdays At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Tonight on Shark Tank Australia, history was made as one of our entrepreneurs hit the ultimate jackpot of one million dollars.

Competition in the clothing industry can be tough, but that won’t stop 13 year olds Myla and Liv from taking on the challenge. Stepping into the Tank, the tweens were seeking $80,000 for 30% equity in their sustainable swimsuits business Cinnamon Cove, designed by tweens, for tweens. To really take off, they needed a Shark with marketing expertise. Enter Davie, who teamed up with Catriona to invest $80,000 for a 33% share to give these besties a dream deal.

Victorian business woman Kat Hanzalek was on a mission to break down barriers and remove the taboo around sexual health. For her female-friendly condom, Get Down, she was seeking $160,000 for 20% of the business. Seeing the value in the business and what it represents, Sabri and Jane got down, investing $160,000 for a 40% equity, with a royalties on the first 100,000 units.

Single mum Susan Toft, was determined to add some sparkle to one of those dreary household chores. Dubbed the ‘human fairy godmother of laundry’, her business, Laundry Lady offers washing, drying and ironing, with the convenience of home pick-up and drop-off.

Aiming to deliver a spotless pitch, the Queenslander was looking for $750,000 for 10% equity. Susan is in the fourth year of her business, but with four of the Sharks pulling out due to her high-company valuation and amount of money needed to beat the competition, it was all down to Robert. Making history with the largest sum of money invested in the Tank so far, Robert secured 30% of the cleaning business for a whopping one million dollars!

Unfortunately, missing out on an investment tonight, were temporary tattoo company Easy Tatt and the Chicken ORB, a chicken foraging accessory that gives gardens control over when, where and how the chickens forage.

Next Tuesday, there are mixed reactions from the Sharks, as a string of memorable Entrepreneurs enter the Tank. From a nostalgic camera to a new style of earphone – who will sink and who will swim? 

Shark Tank on 10 And 10 Play –Continues Tuesday, 10 October At 7.30pm.

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Shark Tank on 10

Shark Tank on 10
Shark Tank Australia – Sabri Suby, Dr Catriona Wallace, Davie Fogarty, Jane Lu and Robert Herjavec (image – 10)

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