Gladiators to air on 10
Gladiators (image - Seven)

EXCLUSIVE | Gladiators to air on 10

Gladiators to air on 10 – It has been widely reported that Gladiators will be returning to our screens with a massive new revival, after Warner Bros put out a call for contestants last month.

Reports have been sketchy about which network it is attached to with some publications reporting sources confirming that original home for the series, Seven, would not be part of the revival. These publications then claim that their sources at 10 have denied any knowledge of the revival.

Despite this, TV Central can confirm that Paramount’s Channel 10 will indeed be the home of the new season.

The Australian Gladiators series first aired in Australia in April 1995 and was originally hosted by Kimberley Joseph and Aaron Pedersen. Mike Hammond took over from Aaron for the second and third season. Referees included John Alexander and Mike Whitney.

There was a short lived revival in 2008 hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor.

It is unclear whether 10 will go with a vintage refresh as Seven has successfully done with Dancing with the Stars and have talent, such as having Kimberley Joseph and Aaron Pedersen return or whether they will refresh the series as a whole and make it their own. The latter is more likely.

The original series was appointment television on Saturday nights in the 90’s and this is an exciting opportunity for 10 to fill the void left by Nine’s decision to not proceed with Australian Ninja Warrior.

10 chose not to comment on this story.

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Gladiators to air on 10

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