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Anjali Rao (Australian Survivor Podcast)

Well known television journalist, news anchor and Real Housewives of Melbourne participant, Anjali Rao is giving herself a new challenge – to take herself to her physical and mental limits on this season of Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villians.

In this podcast, Anjali Rao chats about:

  • Why she was cast as a villian on Australian Survivor
  • Whether Australian Survivor was within her comfort zone
  • Whether the mental or physical challenges in Survivor were more challenging
  • Relating the dynamic of relationships from The Real Housewives with the Australian Survivor cast
  • Being lied to regarding what the shifting tone / dynamics of The Real Housewives of Melbourne would be
  • Regrets (or no regrets) about leaving Real Housewives
  • False and misleading stories in the media
  • Why her career in journalism in Australia has stifled
  • What is coming up next in her career

Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villians – Monday 30 January, 2023 on 10 and 10 Play

Special thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at Paramount for organising this podcast

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