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Who Do You Think You Are on SBS features Barry Humphries

Who Do You Think You Are on SBS – In episode one of the new season of Who Do You Think You Are?, SBS celebrates Australian icon and superstar Barry Humphries as he sets out to solve a family mystery.

Confident he’s the most interesting person in his family tree, Barry is on a quest to be proven wrong.

“My mother used to say, in mixed company, ‘We don’t know where Barry came from’… Well, I began to think, where did I come from?” – Barry Humphries, AO CBE

Join Barry as he travels back to 18th Century England to explore his paternal ancestry and discovers more than one major surprise along the way. Barry also investigates his maternal ancestry, and is finally able to solve the mystery of his mother’s family history.  

Maxine Gray, Executive Producer of Who Do You Think You Are? said:

“Barry was so generous with his time and energy on the shoot, and so interested and mischievous in his interviews with the historians, putting them at ease but also making sure he found some fun and laughter in every scene. He was completely charming and everyone who worked with him loved the experience. When the crew filmed with Barry in London’s West End he was mobbed by fans. They said he was so popular they were wishing they had a bouncer with them. It was like being with a rock star – which of course he was.”

Who Do You Think You Are? is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for SBS.

Who Do You Think You Are – airs at 7.30pm Tuesdays on SBS and SBS On Demand, starting 2 May.

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