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The American Presidency (image - SBS)

Tonight | The American Presidency with Bill Clinton on SBS

Former US president Bill Clinton is one of the few men alive who understands the often-agonising responsibility of being the Decider-in-Chief at critical moments in America’s history.

As such, this series will be guided by his experience and beliefs, chief among them is that ours in a self-correcting political experiment.

Each of the American Presidency’s six hours takes on a different theme in America’s history – race, rights, extremism, global power, vision, and economic might. Within that theme, we examine historical moments of crisis and of opportunity, exploring whether the actions of Bill Clinton brought the United States closer to the founding ideals of a ‘more perfect Union’ and ‘We the People.’

Helping explore these events are interviews with leading historians and experts, including Jon Meacham, Annette Gordo-Reed, Douglas Brinkley, Erika Lee, General Wesley Clark, Lea Wright-Rigueur, and Beverly Gage.

Series One, Episode Two: Presidential Vision

The presidents who have made the most impact have imagined what America could be. Through their rhetoric, their leadership, or their sheer force of personality, these presidents have issued a call to action, daring Americans to join them in their vision for a better future. How have their visionary goals shaped the United States, and the world?

The American Presidency With Bill Clinton – New Episode/Thursday, 9 February at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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