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In this graphic, ground-breaking two-part series, Professor Alice Roberts investigates the cause of death of two of Britain’s most famous monarchs, King Charles II and Queen Elizabeth I.

Alice’s investigations bring together, for the first time, a unique blend of expertise to provide new insight and conclusions that challenge the received wisdom of how and why they died.

At the heart of each investigation is a detailed ‘as real’ autopsy led by forensic pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer. Together they search for any clues on the monarch’s body surface, then cut open the corpse to study their internal organs. Alice takes her findings to leading medical and historical experts for further detailed analysis, exploring the cause and symptoms of any diseases, and how each ailment would have affected the regent, both in life and eventual death.

Using eye-witness accounts sourced from the time of their deaths, the final dying days are brought to life in vivid detail with exquisite scripted dramatic scenes, starring Mark Wingett as Charles II and Linda Marlowe as Elizabeth I.

Series One, Episode One: Queen Elizabeth I

In this vivid and pus-laden episode, Professor Alice Roberts explores the final dying days and ultimate cause of death of Queen Elizabeth I. Working with leading forensic pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer, they conduct an ‘as real’ post-mortem exam on the dead queen, cutting into her corpse to search for clues. The autopsy reveals a frail and emaciated women riddled with infections. The Queen’s final days are brought to life in graphic detail thorough sumptuous drama scenes, with Elizabeth I played by Linda Marlowe.

Royal Autopsy – New Series Premiere – Friday, 3 March at 9.25pm on SBS on SBS on Demand (2 Parts)

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