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Recap | Big Brother on Channel 7 (8 November)

Big Brother on Channel 7 – Zap, whack and nom. Big Brother housemates compete in shocking shopping task.

Tonight on Big Brother on Channel 7 and 7plus, the housemates competed in a shocking shopping task and Jake finally made his choice between Mineé, Annelise and Ari.

Safe from last night’s eviction, Jake wanted to keep playing the field. However, Ari explained she wanted to be his number one or nothing at all. Jake was convinced that Ari was certainly worth pursuing, but there was one problem: he couldn’t remember her name!

Elsewhere in the house, romance blossomed between Lewis and AnnaSophia, well, for Lewis at least, as AnnaSophia put him in the dreaded friend zone.

To impress the housemates after the eviction, Zach and Jake put on a drag performance. Loving the attention from the girls, Zach lied and shared he is a “dolphin trainer”.

Big Brother on Channel 7

The shopping task saw the housemates quizzed to win grocery money. Incorrect answers saw one housemate whacked into the pool by a giant thong, while the housemate answering was given an electric shock.

After securing just $80 at the halfway mark of the challenge, it went downhill for Zach as he was questioned about dolphins.

After a late surge by some of the housemates, they won $350 for the shopping budget. Big Brother’s bonus round saw Jake win a pizza dinner for the house.

At dinner, Big Brother gave the housemates a question box to help them get to know each other. Jake and Ari cemented their connection, Taylah said Dion is the most annoying housemate, Louis revealed he wants to kiss Mineé, and Luke told Annelise he has feelings for her.

Just as love was in the air, Big Brother dropped a bomb – the first house nominations.

The housemates nominated Zach (seven points) and AnnaSophia and Annelise (five points each) for eviction. They had 24 hours to plead their cases as to why they should stay.

As night fell on the Big Brother house, in the spa, the attention turned to Josh and Tay as they finally kissed in front of the group,

Tomorrow on Big Brother: Two couples find themselves on two completely different hot dates, while the nominated housemates face a moral dilemma.

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