Podcast | Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance)
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Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance)

Podcast | Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance) – is an Australian television show that focuses on parenting and aims to provide guidance and support to families facing challenges in raising their children.

Dr. Justin Coulson is an Australian parenting expert, author, speaker, and researcher known for his expertise in positive parenting and family relationships. He is a sought-after commentator and media personality on parenting-related topics.

As the co-presenter of Parental Guidance with Ally Langdon, he stops by for a chat about the upcoming second season.

On this podcast, Dr. Justin Coulson from Parental Guidance chats about:

  • the result of season 1
  • respecting different parenting styles, whilst balancing the fact there is a ‘winner’
  • my view of the best parenting style
  • the more controversial parenting styles
  • week 1 parenting styles (Gentle, Lighthouse, Outback and Honest)
  • week 2 parenting styles (Spiritual, Stage, Team and Influencer)
  • week 3 parenting styles (Slow, American, Road School and Unstructured)
  • styles that he thought initially would be problematic
  • which styles influence his own family
  • some parenting advice questions
  • how he sees Parental Guidance as tool to help viewers
  • if Ally and himself have the same parenting style views

Parental Guidance – From Monday 5 June, 2023 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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Thanks to Claudine Blondeau from Nine for organising this podcast

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Podcast | Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance)

Information about Dr. Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts. Over the past decade he has helped innumerable families.

Struggling with his own family relationships, Justin returned to full-time study in his late twenties, completing a psychology degree and then earning his PhD in psychology.

Now his focus is his family and helping other families flourish. Justin has written eight books and is a four-time bestselling author. He hosts the No.1 parenting/family podcast in the country, Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families, is an occasional columnist for The New York Times, and appears regularly in Australia’s major news outlets.

He is an Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Positive Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne and a consultant to the Australian Government’s Raising Children Network, the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner, Life Education, Beyond Blue, Intel Security and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

Justin and his wife Kylie have six daughters and live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland

Podcast | Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance)

Parental Guidance

The highly anticipated return of the groundbreaking series Parental Guidance is here, ready to captivate Australia once again and ignite nationwide conversations.

Building upon the phenomenal success of its first season, the show is set to elevate the spotlight on parenting – the world’s toughest gig.

In this fresh and thought-provoking series, parents with twelve remarkably distinctive methods and approaches to parenting will take centre stage. This diverse range of parents bring unique perspectives, differing greatly from one another and the parenting styles showcased in the previous season. Throughout the series, they will critically examine, compare and reassess their own parenting styles with fresh eyes.

Guiding them through the million-dollar question of “how should we raise our adults of the future?” are the returning dynamic duo: Ally Langdon, the esteemed host of A Current Affair, and Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts. Together they will lead this new set of parents through a series of tough challenges. The carefully crafted challenges are grounded in real-life scenarios to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses inherent in each parenting style. The
results are nothing short of authentic, joyful, and shocking.

From the Outback to the Spiritual, Gentle to Unstructured, Road School to Influencer, Stage to Slow, Honest to Lighthouse, and Team to American, every facet of each parenting style will be meticulously unpacked, judged and scrutinised under the guidance of Ally and Justin, to ultimately deliver a vote for Australia’s best style.

This season will shine a special spotlight on raising children in the digital age, delving into pressing topics such as the rise of Influencer parenting and shedding light on the dark side of online gaming and the internet. It will also explore the essentials of parenting in great depth, ranging from effectively managing tantrums and sibling rivalries to addressing bullying, discussing health education, and fostering a drive for success in children.

In this series, viewers will also have a unique opportunity to learn, reflect and even level up their own parenting skills as they watch the journey of these mothers and fathers when they undertake the greatest challenge of all under the gaze of an entire nation.

Parental Guidance is produced by Eureka Productions for the 9Network.

Podcast | Dr. Justin Coulson (Parental Guidance)

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