July on Shelter
The Genius of the Place (image - Shelter)

July on Shelter

July on Shelter – Shelter highlights include A World to Shape and The Genius of Place.

Discover the quest of two young designers dedicated to proving sustainable change is possible for the world’s largest polluters; and meet the greatest architect you’ve never heard of this July on SHELTER

July on Shelter

Meet two young and passionate designers, Nienke Hoogvliet and Dave Hakkens, who are utilising creative and innovative design to tackle the world’s biggest environmental problems.

Bringing sustainability to the clothing industry is the mission for Nienke. While tackling the challenges of reshaping the culture of a global industry – that is the world’s second highest polluter – are huge, Nienke believes this is possible, with small but efficient measures. Through the creative applications of seaweed yarn, Nienke is seeking to get it off the beach, out of the museum and into development as a regular industry material. 

Having bought 9 hectares of land in rural Portugal, Dave is attempting to build a living and functioning community with a minimal carbon footprint.

The Kamp Project is an open source blueprint for a new society that anyone worldwide can adopt, implement and seek to improve. 

Where many people might see problems, Nienke and Dave envisage solutions. But how realistic are their ambitions? Follow Nienke & Dave’s quests to trailblaze paths towards sustainability with A WORLD TO SHAPE. 

“You’re surrounded by things that cost the earth so much effort to make, but that you really don’t need.”

“Industry, consumers, government; they all need to have the will to change, and then the masses can change.”

A WORLD TO SHAPE (52 mins) Netherlands 2022 (Available July 1)

July on Shelter

Discover the life and work of Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s premier architect whose career produced more than 117 designs with THE GENIUS OF THE PLACE. 

This feature documentary chronicles Bawa’s incredible legacy in South Asian architecture, through five of his most iconic designs. 

See the Ena da Silva House, where Bawa revived classic Sri Lankan traditions within a dazzling contemporary design; the Lighthouse Hotel, a landmark destination hotel in a previously undesirable coastal location; and the breathtaking Kandalama Hotel that blends seamlessly into the surrounding jungle. 

Despite numerous challenges and setbacks throughout his career – including restricted building materials in post-war Sri Lanka, a thirty year Civil War that fractured the country, opposition from environmental and religious groups to one of his projects, and a series of strokes that left him paralyzed – Bawa endured and prevailed, creating a body of work that is legendary in scale, scope and ambition.

“Architecture cannot be totally explained, but must be experienced.” – Geoffrey Bawa

“Suddenly, they see Geoffrey Bawa’s work; and it’s like a wildfire – it takes off!”

“He was a futurist in many ways.”

THE GENIUS OF THE PLACE (74 mins) Sri Lanka 2023 (Available July 15)

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July on Shelter

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July on Shelter

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