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My Kitchen Rules 2023 Winners Radha and Prabha with judges Manu Feildel, Nigella Lawson and Colin Fassnidge (image - Seven)

Grand Final Recap – My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 and 7plus (3 October)

My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 – Radha and Prabha crowned 2023 MKR champions. Grand Final victory comes down to a knife’s edge.

Tonight identical twins Radha and Prabha realised their dream of winning MKR, taking the crown with a score of 27/30 in a fiercely fought battle, with only two points separating them from runners up Nick and Christian. 

The judges were in awe of the team’s authentic Indian menu, which paid homage to their late father and grandparents. Nigella said the menu gave her “deep joy”, while Manu said he was “delighted all night long”.

Prabha couldn’t believe it: “I’ll never ever forget this moment. I’m literally shaking my knees right now.”

Giving a shout-out to their mum, who was watching from the audience, Radha said: “Turns out the flavours you bring from your heritage, they’re the strongest roots that you can rely on.”

With a score of 25/30, Victoria’s Nick and Christian were buoyant after their performance. “I couldn’t be more proud of everything that we’ve achieved through this,” said Christian on their place in the competition. 

Each team had to cook four courses totalling 100 plates of food for the Grand Final, racing against the Kitchen HQ clock to win the championship title and $100,000 prize money.

Radha and Prabha plated up an entrée of Spicy Fish Fry with Yellow Dhal and Tomato Chutney. Manu called the dish “absolutely delicious”, and Colin thought it was inviting and vibrant: “It was cooked perfectly, spiced perfectly.”

Nick and Christian served Scallops with Black Pudding and Bloody Mary Butter for their entrée. Manu said the team’s bloody Mary sauce was full of flavour and Nigella agreed with him. 

Radha and Prabha presented Kerala Prawn Curry with Roti and Spiced Potato and Eggplant for their seafood dish.

Nigella thought the prawns were cooked well but she would’ve liked the sauce to be cooked a little more and the prawns a bit less.

“Everything worked. I love that little side dish, great with the bread,” said Colin.

For their seafood course, Nick and Christian opted for Crayfish with Vadouvan Butter and Witlof Salad.

Colin and Nigella applauded the team on perfectly cooking 25 portions of crayfish in time. “Take my hat off. That was just wonderful,” Nigella said.

Radha and Prabha called upon their grandfather’s recipe for Chicken Biryani with Cucumber Raita and Pickled Onion.

The aromas of the dish immediately enticed Manu: “I love the fragrant, spicy biryani, then the cool of raita, then the acidity and the crisp of the onion. All of this makes sense.”   

Nick and Christian presented a meat course of Bavette with Red Wine Jus and Truffle.

Both Nigella and Manu questioned the team’s technique of sous vide. “I don’t really understand what they’ve gained by the sous vide. They haven’t got a crust on the outside,” Nigella said.

For the final course, dessert, Radha and Prabha presented Pistachio Ice Cream Chocolate Dome with Almond and Orange Crumb.

Colin called it their best dessert of the competition and Manu said: “You delivered something that was surprising and delicious and with technique.”

Nick and Christian plated up 3181 Mess for their dessert. Nigella said the texture and flavour of the yuzu curd was amazing, but the dish needed more of the cream.

The final scores determining the 2023 MKR winners were:

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