August on Warner Bros. Discovery
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August 2024 on Warner Bros. Discovery

August 2024 on Warner Bros. Discovery – highlights include Outback Opal Hunters, Mud Madness, Unexpected, Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez: Five Shots, Edge of Alaska, Wheeler Dealers: World Tour and Runs Good.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Outback Opal Hunters (Season 11)

Thursday 15 August at 7:30pm AEST | New Season (8×60)

In one of the most hostile places on Earth, the Outback Opal Hunters return for a ruthless 11th season, braving new frontiers in an industry facing total annihilation.

Last season, as a new generation of miners rallied, cataclysmic weather put dedication to the ultimate test as once-in-a-generation flooding drowned the Australian Outback. Mines and partnerships disintegrated, and ambitious targets sunk beneath the waters.

This season, brutal government shutdowns and opal scarcity force miners to work deadly ground, risking it all to revive a dying industry. In the face of extinction, the opal hunters must adapt or perish, gambling on untested partnerships, equipment, and techniques to pry from the earth the queen of all gems.


The Blacklighters, The Bushmen, The Cheals, The Misfits, and The Mooka Boys


Slim Pickings: In their inaugural season of Outback Opal Hunters, Lee Hobden, brother of the legendary opal queen Kelly Tishler, and Roger Williams, father of six and proud Gomeroi man, have teamed up to pioneer a brand-new method of opal mining.

Dan and Renee: Dan Measey has two passions in life: opal and new girlfriend Renee. In their first season of Outback Opal Hunters, Dan and Renee’s goal is simple: to live together happily ever after in Coober Pedy. The goal may be simple but the path to eternal bliss is riddled with pitfalls. Renee, a professional dressage coach and horse trainer, lives nine hundred kilometres away in the lush green hills of Highland Valley.

Sam Mehan (joins The Bushmen): Young, able, and a third-generation miner with killer marketing skills, Sam’s joining the Bushmen, bringing youthful vigour and enthusiasm to drag Rod and Les into the twenty first century. For Sam, working with two of the opal industry’s living legends is a dream come true.

Cody Polglase (joins The Misfits): What Cody lacks in experience he makes up in enthusiasm and a background in marine engineering. But with wife Mel, a jewellery designer, and two young children, trading the ocean waves for the desert dunes to ride the rainbow gem to riches will test even Cody’s ever optimistic demeanour.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Mud Madness

Monday 12 August at 8:30pm AEST | New Series (6×60)

Competitors strap in for the autumn mud circuit in the gritty underground world of mud racing, and big money is on the line. The racing is wild, the rivalries intense, and the party turns up when the sun goes down – and no one’s holding back.

In this episode: Competitors strap in for the fall mud circuit in the gritty underground world of mud racing. The racing is wild, the rivalries are intense, and the party turns up when the sun goes down. With big money on the line, no one is holding back.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Unexpected (Season 4)

Tuesday 20 August at 8:30pm AEST | New Season (17×60)

Unexpected takes a raw look at teenage pregnancies and how they effect not just the teen parents but also their families as everyone prepares for the arrival of the babies.

In each story, our pregnant couple is entirely unprepared to have a child. Now, it’s the parents of the teens who must help them through all of the tribulations that come along with this life change. Debates get heated over where the teens and their baby will live, whether the teens will stay in school, and whether or not they should get married.

As new grandparents step in to help, roles get blurred and tensions mount between the teens’ families; everyone has conflicting ideas for what is best for the young parents and their child. Unexpected is a journey of love and concern, fear and hope. We’ll see all the ups and downs. From proms to baby showers, sweet 16s to graduations, every step of the way will continue to define each family’s evolution.

In this episode: A pregnant Jenna wants a car for her birthday. Myrka’s mom kicked her out for getting pregnant. Soon-to-be-grandma Jessica tries to salvage the relationship between teens Reanna and Taron.

Tyra leaves Alex and Layla behind at home as she heads to college.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez: Five Shots

Saturday 24 August at 9:30pm AEST | New Special (2×60)

When internationally famous Hip Hop star, Megan Thee Stallion was shot leaving a Hollywood party, shocking footage of her lying injured while police arrested fellow rapper Tory Lanez made worldwide news, as did the resulting trial.

In this 2 part special, the scandalous details of the shooting are revealed by insiders and lawyers involved in the case. Told from both perspectives, it examines why Megan was vilified on social media despite her terrifying ordeal, and looks at how Tory Lanez still protests his innocence but faces years in prison.

The inside story of one of hip hop’s most divisive crimes, Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez: Five Shots delves into who is the victim of a miscarriage of justice – is it Tory, who says he’s fighting on behalf of all black men unfairly accused – or is it Megan, a victim of both domestic violence and an online hate campaign?

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
People Magazine Investigates: Surviving A Serial Killer

Tuesday 6 August at 8:30pm AEST | New Series (6×60)

There are precious few individuals who have managed to survive their encounters with serial killers. Anchored by People Magazine’s in-depth reporting, these survivors share their terrifying and intensely emotional experiences with unimaginable evil.

In this episode: In 1965, Rodney Alcala attacks a teenage girl. Then after a chance encounter, he assaults the same girl three years later. Guilt consumes her when she learns he attacks a child soon after – but they are merely two of this man’s countless victims.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Edge of Alaska (Season 2)

Tuesday 6 August at 8:30pm AEST | Channel Premiere (8×60)

Tradition collides with the residents of the isolated town of McCarthy, Alaska. The 42 souls who are brave enough to live there must battle the elements and each other to maintain their pioneer way of life.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Wheeler Dealers: World Tour

Friday 16 August at 8:30pm AEST | New Series (10×60)

Wheeler Dealers is back for a brand-new barnstorming spin-off series, and after twenty years of iconic makeovers Mike and Elvis want to really crank up the adventure. So they’re breaking out of their garage and hitting the road, including heading Down Under, across two huge episodes, to flip cars in Australia.

They’ll also be fixing-up legendary rides across Europe and the UK, and heading to America on a rescue mission to salvage a multi-million-dollar hypercar. Every episode will feature an incredible flip, packed with the tips, tricks and take-out viewers love.

The boys will build on their blossoming bromance as they tinker under the bonnet and dive into curious car culture together, meeting quirky characters, and throwing themselves into unexpected auto escapades. There’ll be passion, heart, and more fun.

Episode 1: Ferrari – In Northern Italy, the boys tackle the last truly analogue Ferrari, the 348, which is in dire need of a cambelt change. With Elvis handling the mechanicals, Mike uncovers some thrifty solutions for the battered front bumper and aftermarket steering wheel.

Note: Australian episodes are episode 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Episode 5: Ford XR8 – Mike and Elvis head to Bathurst to engage in the ultimate Aussie showdown: Ford versus Holden. Pinning their allegiance to a Ford XR8, they hope to outpace the Holden GTS in a high-stakes straight line race at the iconic Mount Panorama circuit.

Episode 6: VW Kombi – Mike and Elvis want to take a 1970s VW camper and turn it into a long range camper with solar panels, extra water tanks, and a fully functioning kitchen. Then the guys will put their van to the ultimate test with an adventure into the Australian bush.

Episode 7: Toyota HiLux – Heading to the outback, Mike and Elvis are on the hunt for Australia’s favourite pick up, the HiLux. Despite its worn-out appearance from years of farm use, the boys aim to transform this high-mileage utility vehicle into the ultimate off-roading beast.

Episode 8: Holden Sandman – Mike and Elvis hit the beach for the ultimate surf wagon: the iconic Holden Sandman. With a clever visual makeover and some crucial mechanical upgrades, the boys are hoping to take a standard panel van and create their own homage to the Sandman.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
Runs Good (Season 2)

Sunday 18th August at 9:30pm AEST | New Season (10×60)

Across the US, millions of project cars lay unfinished up on blocks or under tarps. Dan Brockett, Shea Seefeldt, and Aaron Parker are on a mission to rescue those broken cars. And they won’t just finish them, but they’ll redeem them.

These guys have about a week to get the cars across the finish line, whether it’s on a track, down a dragstrip, or up a mountain. Runs Good is about finding redemption, one project car at a time.

In this episode: Dan, Shea and Aaron try to bring an LS-swapped Porsche 944 project back to life. They’re going to complete what its last owner couldn’t, building the ultimate high-revving, tight-handling racing machine that will turn heads on and off the track.

August on Warner Bros. Discovery
August on Warner Bros. Discovery

August on Warner Bros. Discovery

August on Warner Bros. Discovery

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August on Warner Bros. Discovery

August on Warner Bros. Discovery

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August on Warner Bros. Discovery

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August on Warner Bros. Discovery

August on Warner Bros. Discovery

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