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Whale with Steve Backshall on ABC –

Steve explores the rich seas off the coast of the United Kingdom, a global hotspot for whales and dolphins, where a third of the world’s species live or visit. Venturing above and below the waves, Steve discovers extraordinary behaviours and surprising tales of survival.

Throughout his journey he recalls the global stories he has experienced that have resonance here, from dolphin communication in the Bahamas to Norwegian Orca training their young how to hunt.

Steve joins researchers making ground-breaking discoveries, including the emergence of a potential new species. Aboard a unique research yacht, he shows how eavesdropping on the world of whales helps inform conservation needs. In a shocking revelation, Steve explains how pollutants banned over 40 years ago are still affecting Orca and dolphins alive today.

Our destiny and that of whales are inseparable. In heart-warming stories of hope, Steve concludes by showing how the dedicated work of researchers and passionate citizen scientists, both in the UK and around the world, is helping to give whales and us a better future.

Production credit: Sky UK Limited

Whale with Steve Backshall on ABC and ABC iview – Tuesday 19 March, 2024 at 9.00pm

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Whale with Steve Backshall on ABC

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