Barons on ABC acquired by American broadcaster CW
Barons (image - CW)

Barons on ABC acquired by American broadcaster CW

Barons on ABC acquired by American broadcaster CW – The CW has acquired Australian surf drama ‘Barons’ for its summer lineup. The series will debut on Monday 29 May at 9pm.

The AACTA nominated Australian drama ‘Barons’ is a series that parallels the story behind the creation of the Australian surf industry in the 1970s. Set at a time of sexual liberation, social disruption, protest and war, the series captures a moment of upheaval and opportunity as a new surfing counterculture collides with the realities of enterprise.

Two best friends, inspired by their love for the Australian beach, create what will become rival iconic surf brands. Little do they know that their success will tear them — and their worlds — apart. When their businesses go mainstream, the young rebels and their friends find themselves pulled deep into a world of corporate politics, jealousy, homophobia and racial tension. In selling their dream to the world, they create bitter, lasting rivalries.

The series stars Sean Keenan, Ben O’Toole, Jillian Nguyen, Hunter Page-Lochard, Sophia Forrest, Karina Banno, Vivienne Awosoga, Nicholas Burton, Megan MacKenzie, Catherine Van-Davies with Lincoln Younes and George Pullar.

Michael Lawrence, Micanical Media, said:

“We are thrilled that this brilliant cast, made up of Australia’s finest young actors, has the CW as a platform to showcase their extraordinary talent and hard work.”

John Molloy, 2 Jons, said:

“The CW is the perfect partner for ‘Barons’. We hope our show about youth, adventure, risk and love connects with US audiences.”

The series, which comes from Micanical Media, 2 Jons and Fremantle Australia (Producer – Justin Davies) in conjunction with Screen Australia and Create NSW aired locally on the ABC last year. It was created by Liz Doran, Michael Lawrence and John Molloy and directed by Shawn Seet and Fadia Abboud in collaboration with surf director Taylor Steele.

Greg Woods, CEO Fremantle Australia, said;

“Fremantle Australia is very proud of the show and the team that came together to produce it and we feel it’s found a natural and exciting prime time home in the US with the CW.”

It’s a great week for the ‘Barons’. The series is nominated for Best Mini Series at the Screen Producers Australia Awards at Screen Forever on the Gold Coast (5 May 2023) and Best Ensemble at the Equity Awards in Sydney (7 May 2023).

Production credit: 2 Jons, Micanical Media and Fremantle production for ABC with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC. Financed with support from Screen NSW. Created by Michael Lawrence, John Molloy, Liz Doran. Written by Liz Doran, Matt Cameron, Marieke Hardy. Produced by John Molloy, Michael Lawrence. Producer Justin Davies. Executive Producers Chris Oliver-Taylor, Nick Cook, Taylor Steele, Liz Doran, Jon Adgemis, Michael Gudinski. ABC Executive Producers Brett Sleigh and Rebecca Anderson. International distribution by Fremantle.

‘Barons’ has now sold to: Greece, Middle East, Malta, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland and Israel

All episodes of Barons are available on ABC Iview

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Barons on ABC acquired by American broadcaster CW

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