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seeks ‘Justice for Biddy’

7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 – Bridgette “Biddy” Porter was a smart and vibrant 10-year-old girl who loved school, telling stories and writing poetry.

She had everything to live for, but one wintry morning all of that was taken away when Biddy was brutally killed by a 14-year-old whom she had played with only the day before.

Until now, Biddy’s name, face and story have been lost in a mountain of legal documents and complicated legislation designed to protect the identity of her teenage killer.

Since her death, Biddy’s parents Rebekah and Dominic Porter have barely survived – drowning in grief and loss, and believing they had been silenced by a court order forbidding publication of their daughter’s name.

The circumstances around Biddy’s killing are so horrific, the first police officer to respond to the scene has never returned to work.

Some of the details will never be made public. But the shocking timeline of events and admissions from the killer shortly after Biddy’s death can now be revealed in this confronting but important 7NEWS Spotlight special report to air this Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Michael Usher investigates Australia’s murky legal system which saw Biddy’s killer dealt with by the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Originally sold to the Porters by the Director of Public Prosecutions as a path to justice for Biddy, the result was anything but for the grieving parents. In a stunning blow, they recently discovered their daughter’s killer has been granted day release.

Michael Usher said:

“We’ve fought for some time now to bring you this story. The case has been heavily protected by the courts, but now legally Biddy’s parents can speak about their daughter’s death and honour her memory.

“It’s been a long and painful fight for them. Their story is incredibly powerful, and so are the people who’ve been helping them find justice in the absolute worst of circumstances.”

All the anguish aside, at the heart of this harrowing story remains two devoted parents who desperately want the world to know about their bright and beautiful Biddy, and how much she was loved.

On Sunday, 7NEWS Spotlight will help Biddy’s parents remember their special little girl and tell this tragic full story for the very first time.

7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 and 7plusJustice for Biddy – This Sunday, 8.45pm

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  • Phurbu

    So so sad story, I cried a lot while watching this video, the killer need to be sentenced life in prison, never to be released

  • Len Cecchetto

    I just watched the video on Youtube about this horiffic story. I cried, so many red flags and no one did anything. The parents of the 14 year old should hang their heads in shame, it’s very clear their daughter was showing signs of violent and brutal behavior, they should have sought help right away. I believe they should be held accountable too. And the atrocious way the paretns of Biddy they way they were treated was absolutely disgusting, no help, left in the dark. It seems in this country and iv’e been saying this for years. That the perpetrators in Australia seem to be treated with kid gloves while the victims are treated with disdain. There is something seriously wrong in our Judicial system and also with the Police who did not seem to support Biddy’s paretns very well, the whole system let them down. I pray for the parents of Biddy for comfort and support and peace. It’s so hard to fathom, this should never have happened, the tell tale signs were there, for pete’s sake, the 14 yr old made it clear she wanted to kill her parents or kill someone, HELLO……and it was ignored. Maybe the parents have serious mental issues too, to let this go without any attempt to get some help for their child. Many area’s in this sad sad case have failed.

  • Belinda Fernance

    This poor family having to live with this, what the hell is wrong with our justice system. The Justice System needs to change, why didn’t the family get the support they needed, why does the killer get everything, the hurt and pain that Rebecca and her husband are enduring is heart breaking.

    You can see the pain and heartbreak in their eyes. Keep this evil teenager behind bars where she belongs, we don’t need her in our society treat her like the animal she is, I only hope now that it is all out in the open, that people get behind and support Rebbecca and her husband for the Justice they so deserve for their beautiful little girl Biddie.

  • It seems to me that the situation which occurred with regards to the above story ‘Justice for Biddy’ is such a tragic situation – but it is also a complex one with many influencing factors (I believe). With regards to this, I believe that we have entered a time where due to all the various issues in society – some of these being: a greater number of people who are homeless, addiction issues & drug problems, mental health issues due to drug problems, violent relationships and domestic violence, indigenous issues – just mentioning a few – that we as a society will need to dig deep to find the answers to these dilemmas. There is also greater instability in the world in general – perhaps since the 2nd world war, due to wars fought across the globe, our weaponry technology is worrying as well as access to unhealthy internet material, which includes violence and paranoia. I believe that one of the consequences of all theses societal issues, is that there is a greater emphasis from compassionate Governments in trying to find the answers to societies problems and one of these answers is the rehabilitation of perpetrators of crimes. As part of this, the development of new psychiatric drugs and techniques are being developed for the purpose of trying to rehabilitate perpetrators. There have been major developments in this regard – with the ability to treat and medically ‘cure’ patients with various psychiatric disorders which is unprecedented. As a result of this, there is even the tendency in psychiatry these days, where perpetrators are treated and even considered cured through psychiatric/medicinal intervention, even after committing heinous crimes who are then released back into society again – (the James Bulger case is an example of this). The justification by psychiatrists for this practice is that “there is no point in keeping a perpetrator who has committed a crime who is now ‘cured’ – locked away, when they are no longer sick or at risk to society”. As a result of all of this care and emphasis upon rehabilitating perpetrators, the byproduct is that the victims – the people who are trying to be good citizens, who are just trying to live a quiet and peaceful life, have been neglected and even forgotten about. And the beauty and innocence of a child like Biddy, so vital to our world, is lost. As a result, at the moment, we have a situation where more attention and care is placed upon people who are the perpetrators of violent crimes – the ‘squeaky wheels’ in society with loud and aggressive voices and actions, than peaceful, healthy and happy individuals. To complicate matters also, is the focus of media attention upon these violent stories – in fact, the media relies upon these stories in order to survive – stories which are fuelled & watched by us – the general public, who finds interest and shock value in these stories. This is where the public’s attention lies. So if there is to be any long term change, we each, individually, have a responsibility to change where our focus & energy is currently directed. As well, there needs to be more care and attention given to the victims of violent crimes, otherwise, the trauma is continually experienced, never heals, and is potentially passed down to the next generation.

  • Diane

    First and formost my heart is broken and I didn’t even know Biddy. I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine the grief Biddy’s parents must be going through. But one thing that scares me is how if you’ve got a mental heath issue, your not accountable. This girl knew what she did, owned it and wasn’t even upset at what she did. Why is she not in a prison where she belongs. How many more victims are we going to have before mental health isn’t the way out of the crimes they have committed.
    RIP Biddy You will never be forgotten

  • Angelina

    Poor girl . Just wanted to live a life like a normal person ! But not know after the shocking killing . I wish you guys the best . They should lock up that teenager that killed an innocent little girl who just woke up . The court should never silence a victim from their daughter’s name . Karma is real right ? Karma is coming there way like god has planned it for that 14 year old murderc

  • Kristine

    Just like the child murderers of 2 year old James Bulger in England, this evil evil murderer should now go to prison (as she has now turmed 18) for what she has done and never be released!!!
    It won’t bring back beautiful Biddy but at least Biddy’s parents may feel that justice would be served.
    So so so so sad…….

  • Louise

    The parents of the murderer should be held criminally responsible. Culpable homicide. Not only did they supply the murder weapon, they left Biddy alone in the house that morning full well knowing their child had disclosed her horrendous thoughts. Absolutely no duty of care for Biddy. The parents should be paying financial compensation to Dom and Rebekah as they are no longer able to earn a living.

  • Bob

    Totally agree with all of the previous comments.
    Particularly, why aren’t the Parents of the Murderer in jail.
    They supplied the weapons for the murder and were well aware of the murderers intentions.
    As parents they were responsible for the murderer and the murderers actions.
    Therefore they need to be held accountable as an accomplice or participant in the murder.

  • Kerry

    What of the killer now?
    She will now be 18! An Adult.
    What of her mental state now and her whereabouts?
    A great story, yes.
    A tragic heart wrenching story, absolutely.
    So many u answered questions, which I can o ly imagine the Porter family have had to endure this past 4 years.
    But what now?
    Does the killer get to be fully accountable now, at 18?
    What of the killers sister? No doubt traumatized, but hopefully not following in her big sisters footsteps or that her parents haven’t handed such gifts as knives and tomahawk to her.
    (I hope authorities and social services looked into the family.
    It will be interesting to watch over the coming years as this all unfolds.
    I truly hope the Porters get the answers, justice and all the help and support they need and deserve. No doubt so broken. So horrific.
    I’m glad they got to tell some of their story. To share the beautiful life of that adorable kid, Biddy. Wow. How can you not be heartbroken from this story.
    So great that the ladies of Advocacy Australia are trying to help.
    No words can ever express or sooth what happened here.
    So sad

  • Julie legge

    So, a 14 year old who clearly showed a predilection for aggressive and acutely abhorrent behaviour towards innocent animals, and with her parents knowledge, attacks a beautiful, special and loved 10 year old to a point where her father could only touch her foot on the funeral day as her body may fall apart, is now protected within the mental health realm where participants are protected, supported, nurtured until deemed well enough, in their opinion, to be freed into society until the next innocent victim passes by. This could happen to any extraordinary, normal family’s child. It could happen to our child. It is time for victims to be heard. VICTIMS MATTER! Every time!

  • Karen Howell

    This system has to change,how could you allow a girl to have freedom,because she’s mentally unstable . This girl should not be released , as she knew what she was doing , as all the signs were pointing to her wanting to kill , and why didn’t the parents do something by taking her to seek treatment, they are also to blame, No parent should have to go through what this couple have endured , so this girl gets freedom while this couple have now only there memories, The perpetrator should be helped with her mental state, until she turns 18 years old and then sent to prison, That’s what happened to the little boy that the two teenagers did when they decided to kill him in England so stop being sold on her . And the government needs to start giving the family victims a lot of support. They shouldn’t have to beg to be given the same amount of assistance that this girl has received, Goid on you Phil as this is so disgusting, I felt sick watching the video and when the father said he was unable to hold her because of what this girl did makes me mad that the mother and father are haunted by what this beautiful girl went through justice for biddie

  • So many unanswered questions. But this being kept quiet to protect the killer is beyond comprehension.
    The petition to keep the killer locked up can only be signed by NSW residents. We need to be able to sign worldwide ,this is so wrong .

  • Amanda

    How was the farm family connected to the Porters? Who drove Biddy and dropped her off there? Did they NOT know about the killers tendencies and admissions that others DID seem to know? My heart breaks for the Porters but we’re in the dark about the farm family obviously because the system is still protecting the killer who is a minor. Her parents though… seriously, giving her knives & tomahawk as a gift??? Accepting responsibility of care of young girl knowing their daughter’s dangerous mindset? They are not minors and they should be held accountable for this too. RIP Buddy, and peace to Dom & Rebekah. 🙏🏻

  • Amanda

    How was the farm family connected to the Porters? Who drove Biddy and dropped her off there? Did they NOT know about the killers tendencies and admissions that others DID seem to know? Why was she left there? My heart breaks for the Porters but we’re in the dark about the farm family obviously because the system is still protecting the killer who is a minor. Her parents though… seriously, giving her knives & tomahawk as a gift??? Accepting responsibility of care of young girl knowing their daughter’s dangerous mindset? They are not minors and they should be held accountable for this too. RIP Buddy, and peace to Dom & Rebekah. 🙏🏻

  • Chelle

    How, or why, on earth, would parents knowingly bring young children onto their property, when there own child had outwardly said she wants to kill the patents, had killed animals unnecessarily, was given knives/tomahawk by the parents… said there would be irreversible actions (my words but exactly same outcome from hers). AND the poor family, no support. Silenced. Utterly incomprehensible. It was 2020. Not 1920. I am shaken to the core. Very light to what that poor family and girl.have suffered.
    AND. Why is the 14yo given anonymity? She’d be 18 now. Her parents have not had to address anything. Yet they knew her condition.

    SO many lessons to be learned. Sad sad sad. All round

  • Connie

    I so agree with what Aria has said. The killers parents are responsible for what happened and should be punished along with their daughter. They had a duty of care, accepting Biddy into their holiday farm along with their unstable daughter… who supposedly had a collection of ‘gifted’ knives and tomahawks in her room. Unbelievable!!!!
    The legal system has failed the victim and the victims parents and my heart breaks for them ♥️

  • Barbara Ward

    I am very keen to know something about the family and parents of the “killler”. There seems to be no mention of them and they were her legal next of kin and it may be that the State would need to have some contribution to her welfare and to Bridget’s too. Would be very interested to know these details.

  • Julie Johnson

    I have just watched this program and I fell so ill. The grief I feel for the parents is unfathomable. I pay to God that the evil creature who committed this precious child’s murder is never released.

  • Stazie

    I just watched this show with my mum so devastating no justice for poor girl … a life f or a life she should not be allowed out at 27 to re offend this was one of the saddest things I have watched

  • Les Kershaw

    It’s about time the people in Australia stood up and be counted , the killer will do it again her brain is not working right and can’t be fixed , just such a sad sad story I’m pretty angry and can’t imagine what her parents are going through our system is a waste of time

  • T W Halligan

    It just shows to society how deceitful many Directors of Public Prosecutions are in Murder Cases to suit their needs , they set the narrative for how they want the trials to go for the end result.

  • Penny

    Why was Biddy at the killers house, I missed that part of the story?

  • Aria

    I am heartbroken for these parents. No parent should have to bury their child especially like this. The parents of that teenager should be in prison with her. They had a responsibility to correct that girls mental state and behaviour and instead bought her knives and a tomahawk? Seriously? Those parents of that teenager are just as responsible for what happened to poor Biddy. Is there a liable for death suit they can get against that family? What idiot parents would call what that girl did an accident?

  • Absolutely agree! So sad and now there is no faith in the legal process.

  • My grandson went to school with this gorgeous little girl and the grief from the violent death of Bridgett went through the whole school and the community that she lived in.
    In my opinion that teenager who committed this horrible crime should never be allowed out into the community again as there’s no guarantee that she won’t do it again.
    After all the Porter’s have lost their daughter and have to live with that loss for the rest of their lives why should the teenager who took their daughter’s life be allowed to have hers back. There has to be a price to pay.

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