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Kneecap – Madman Entertainment has announced KNEECAP will be released in Australian cinemas on 29th August.

KNEECAP was the winner of the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award earlier this year and has just had wildly successful screenings at the recent Sydney Film Festival. Directed by up-and-coming British director Rich Peppiatt (One Rogue Reporter), KNEECAP stars the real-life Irish hip-hop trio, Liam Óg Ó hAnnaidh (Mo Chara), Naoise Ó Cairealláin (Móglaí Bap), and JJ Ó Dochartaigh (DJ Próvaí).

The film is raucous, authentic, and entertaining, inviting viewers to climb on-board for a wild ride of sex, drugs, and Irish politics. It follows the unlikely trio as they start a movement to reclaim their Irish language and culture. KNEECAP features the trio’s hits, such as Amach Anocht and H.O.O.D.

KNEECAP also stars Irish legends Michael Fassbender and Simone Kirby in supporting roles.


In post-troubles Belfast, the riotous rap trio KNEECAP emerges, setting the stage for the Irish language’s resurgence against the establishment. Self-proclaimed ‘low life scum’ Liam Óg and Naoise, along with school teacher JJ, become a political symbol and the defiant voice of Ireland’s restless youth.

As they struggle to make their mark on the world, and family and relationship pressures threaten to pull the plug on their dreams, the trio weave a narrative that transcends music.

A true-life fable about man’s intrinsic urge for identity, the allure of drugs and a passion for life, KNEECAP is a thrilling ride pulsating with hip-hop beats.

Kneecap are an Irish hip-hop trio from West Belfast, Northern Ireland, who rap in Irish, modernising it to explore the problems faced by the post-Troubles generation.

They released their first single C.E.A.R.T.A. in 2017, and since then have gone on to receive international acclaim, popularity, but also notoriety; banned by Irish state broadcaster RTE and publicly condemned by political party the DUP.

In June, KNEECAP released their debut album Fine Art, and are preparing to perform at major festivals Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds.

KNEECAP releases in cinemas on 29th August 2024

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