Britain's Poshest Farm Shops

April on SBS on Demand

April on SBS on Demand

April on SBS on Demand – SBS on Demand highlights for the month of April include Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour, Rogue Heroes, Michael Palin: Into Iraq, Cardo, Rich Stein’s Cornwall, Good People, The Wall: The Orchard, Copenhagen Killer, The Dark Heart, Empires Of New York, Asking For It, Conviction – The Case Of Stephen Lawrence, Wozniacki and Lee – A New Beginning, Sara’s Istanbul Delights, Patagonia, Amazon – The Lost World, Appetite, Pray For Blood, Cromosoma, The Allegation, Freezing Embrace, Britain’s Poshest Farm Shops and Khanh Ong’s Wild Food. american food Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour (season 1 & 2) SBS On Demand Box-Set Saturday, 1 April 2023 SBS Food and SBS On Demand (all episodes available to stream) The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his ground-breaking first series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour S1 & 2 will air at a later date on SBS Food. british drama Rogue Heroes (series one) Australian Premiere Wednesday, 5 April 2023 SBS and SBS On Demand (episodes coming weekly) Those events depicted, which seem most unbelievable… are mostly true. From the creator of Peaky Blinders, and based on Ben Macintyre’s best-selling book, Rogue Heroes is a dramatised account of how the world’s greatest Special Forces unit, the SAS, was formed under extraordinary circumstances in the darkest days of WWII. Connor Swindells (Sex Education, Vigil), Jack O’Connell (Skins, The North Water) and Alfie Allen (Jojo Rabbit, Game of Thrones) lead an ensemble cast with Dominic West (The Wire, Appropriate Adult) and Sofia Boutella (Modern Love, Atomic Blonde). The series follows a crew of renegade men who are a self-proclaimed band of oddities, gentlemen, and pirates who rail against the status quo of service to do things a little differently. Set in Cairo, 1941. David Stirling (Swindells) is an eccentric young officer, bored and frustrated with the failings and shortcomings of the military authorities and their handling of the current war strategy. Convinced that traditional commando units don’t work, a view shared by another young officer, the inventive and disciplined Jock Lewes (Allen), the pair create a radical plan that flies in the face of all accepted rules of modern warfare and try to convince their friend, firebrand and poet, Robert Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne (O’Connell) to join their mission. Stirling fights for permission to recruit soldiers for a small undercover unit that will create mayhem behind enemy lines. Men of a certain sort. The sweepings of public schools and military prisons, men who do not obey. Men who only need one order. ‘Go. Kill. Return. Go again’. More rebels than soldiers, Stirling’s team are every bit as complicated, flawed, and reckless as they are astonishingly brave and heroic. With the assistance of Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Wrangel Clarke (West), a master of strategic deception in British secret intelligence in the Middle East, Stirling’s unit gains an identity and a name, the Special Air Service (SAS), but then it’s up to Stirling and his men to prove their strategy of parachuting into the desert and attacking and neutralising enemy airbases under cover of darkness will work. Rogue Heroes S1 is available weekly from Wednesday 5 April on SBS On Demand and at 9:30pm on SBS. british documentary Michael Palin: Into Iraq Australian Premiere Wednesday, 5 April 2023 SBS & SBS On Demand (episodes coming weekly) Michael Palin embarks on an epic, revelatory journey into Iraq: one of the most dangerous and complex countries in the world. Following the Tigris River for over a thousand miles, from its source in eastern Turkey to the Persian Gulf, Michael wants to discover what life is like for the 40 million people who live in Iraq. It’s one of the very few parts of the world he hasn’t visited, but he’s been fascinated by it since he was a child. Iraq is often called the ‘cradle of civilisation’, and Michael wants to explore the country’s past as well as its troubled present. Michael Palin: Into Iraq is available weekly from Wednesday 5 April at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand spanish comedy Cardo (season two) Australian Premiere SBS On Demand Box-Set Thursday, 6 April 2023 SBS On Demand (all six episodes available to stream) María is released from prison determined to make up for lost time and rebuild her life. To do so, she decides to get away from the path of excess and find a stable job, but she soon discovers that life is not easy for an ex-convict. Above all, María wants to thank Santa for all his help during her time in prison and makes it her personal mission to get Yasmin, Santa’s teenage daughter, to make peace with her. Burdened by her anxiety problems, she turns to Gabriel, but finds herself spiralling into a world of drugs and excesses alongside him. Cardo S2 is an SBS On Demand exclusive and will be available in Spanish with English subtitles. S1 is currently available to stream. british travel Rich Stein’s Cornwall (series one) Australian Premiere Thursday, 6 April 2023 SBS Food & SBS On Demand (episodes coming weekly) Rick Stein once again takes us on a rich journey of discovery around his beloved home county of Cornwall, the place in which he has lived for most of his life, and that has provided him with the inspiration for almost everything he does. Rick Stein’s Cornwall S1 will begin airing on SBS Food from Thursday, 6 April at 8.30pm. Episodes will be available on SBS On Demand following broadcast. french comedy thriller Good People (series one) Australian Premiere Thursday, 13 April 2023 SBS On Demand (all six episodes available to stream) Tom and Linda are thirty-somethings living in Belgium, along the French border. He is a policeman, she is a beautician, and they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Caught between a rock and a hard place, they embark on a

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