Bevan Lee

Bevan Lee, creator of All Saints, Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers, A Place to Call Home and the new series Between Two Worlds chats to Aaron Ryan about his extensive 40-year career.

This special extended one on one podcast goes beneath the surface to discover the foundation of his genius creativity, some eyebrow-raising tales and a unique perspective on the Australian television landscape.

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His passion for Australian drama is evident in the way he delivers his responses, which are brutally honest, a touch cheeky and with a pinch or flair to create an engaging and provoking platform for listeners to delve into the life of the man responsible for many of our most loved television shows.

From Sons & Daughters, to a lifelong creative partnership with John Holmes and from a no go masturbation Rafters scene to the show that left us too soon, this engaging creative will leave you wanting more.

This bonus episode is the first in a series where we chat to the makers, movers and shakers of the Australian television landscape.

Thank you to Bevan Lee and the publicity team at Channel 7 for this very lengthy discussion that showcases his legacy and contribution to the Australian landscape.

Between Two Worlds airs Sunday nights from July 26th 2020 at 8:30pm on Seven.

Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

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