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Wreck on ABC Entertains – Season 2 of the British comedy horror television series…Jamie and his misfit friends are now on the run.

It’s do or die as they infiltrate a mysterious wellness festival. But it’s going to be the total opposite of a healing experience.

Episode 5

As devastating news reaches Jamie and Vivian, their morals are put to the test and they face what it will take to win the battle against Velorum. With difficult decisions to make, Jamie and Vivian find themselves drawn in different directions, and to new people.

Episode 6

As the full horror of the festival becomes clear, the remaining gang race against time to escape Exodum with their lives. Meanwhile, there may be no going back for Jamie when he’s faced with a final, nightmare choice. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Production credit: A Euston Films Productions.

Wreck on ABC Entertains and ABC iview – Wednesday 19 June at 8:30pm

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Wreck on ABC Entertains

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