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Stuff the British Stole on ABC –  Before Australia became Australia, there was the colony of New South Wales, which, from a certain British point of view, had sheep, some nice ocean views, and not much else.

An enterprising Englishman named Charles Nicholson decided that it really needed some culture, so he set out to acquire some. Literally.

Charles Nicholson sailed up the Nile in Egypt and acquired the largest collection of ancient antiquities ever to end up in the southern hemisphere. Among them is the mummified remains of a 7-year-old Egyptian child shrouded in mystery. The child has now spent over a century residing in Australia’s oldest university, Sydney University. But was taking a mummified human from Egypt legal?

This wild ride will take you from the sandstone streets of Sydney’s colonial Rocks district to the powerful words and beats of young Egyptian rapper Kid Pharaoh, to mummy-unwrapping parties in London, and then right to the foot of the breathtaking pyramids of Egypt.

Production credit: An Australia-Canada co-production, Stuff the British Stole is co-produced by Wooden Horse, WildBear Entertainment and Cream Productions (Canada) for the ABC and CBC. Major production investment from Screen Australia. Financed with support from Rogers Cable Network Fund, the Government of Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, Canada Media Fun, Screen NSW and VicScreen.

FremantleMedia will distribute the series world-wide.

Creator, Writer, Director and Executive Producer: Marc Fennell. Series Writer and Director: Stephanie Weimar.

Executive Producers: David Brady and Kate Harrison Karman (Cream Productions) Michael Tear (WildBear Entertainment); and Richard Finlayson and Jude Troy (Wooden Horse).

Series Producer: Kate Pappas. Producers: Alan Erson and Felicity Justrabo.

CBC Executive Director of Unscripted Content: Jennifer Dettman.

CBC Executive in Charge of Production, Unscripted Content: Nic Meloney.

ABC Commissioning Editor and Executive Producer: Kalita Corrigan. ABC Head of Factual: Susie Jones

Stuff The British Stole on ABC and ABC iview – Monday 24 June, 2024 at 8.00pm

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Stuff the British Stole on ABC
Marc Fennell (image – ABC)

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