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Secret Science on ABC – Join Sammy J on a quest into the depth of our brains and neuroplasticity, unveiling the secrets behind our astonishing capacity to learn.

With his wit and insight, Sammy unravels the complexities of the brain, spotlighting, the people, pioneering science and ground-breaking technologies revolutionizing our learning potential.

To perfect a skill takes practice. Lots of practice. For high-wire artist Amanda, repetition could be the difference between life and death. Sammy meets her as she trains her brain to perfect a new aerial routine which she will perform to a live audience that night.

During childhood the human brain goes through dramatic periods of neurological development – a peak period of learning.

Sammy witnesses this firsthand when he visits 10-year-old Greta, whose passion for learning has led her to be a contestant on Hard Quiz Kids.

As an adult, Sammy’s brain is not as neuroplastic – but new research at the University of Queensland has found a “shocking” way to give the adult brain a boost…

For the millions of people around the world who suffer a brain injury, like a stroke, the damage can be devastating. However, a ground-breaking trial using video-game technology as an early and intensive rehabilitation tool is offering up promising results.

Production credit: An ABC Production. Producer / Director: Bruce Permezel, Associate Producer: Adam Finney, Series Producer: Elle Gibbons, Executive Producer: Penny Palmer, Head of Factual: Susie Jones

Secret Science on ABC and ABC iview – Tuesday 18 June at 9.00pm

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Secret Science on ABC

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