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RPA on Channel 9 – 25-year-old adventurer and rock climber John has liver disease and without a transplant only has months to live, until he receives the life-changing call to head to RPA for a liver transplant.

41-year-old Brooke is facing brain surgery to determine the nature of an unusual cyst in her brain.

Fresh from Canada her dreams of a new beach side Aussie life are very much on hold until she undergoes surgery to determine how bad it is.

Harry arrives in the busy Emergency Department after experiencing chest and back pain and luckily calls an ambulance in the nick of time.

About RPA

The leading and captivating real-life series that ignited Australia’s love of observational documentaries makes its long-awaited return when the new season of RPA premieres on Monday, March 27 at 9.00pm AEDT on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

Debuting on Channel 9 from 1995 to 2012, RPA gave viewers around the country unique and exclusive access into one of Australia’s leading public hospitals, Royal Prince Alfred in Sydney. 

Now more than ten years on, the compelling series returns to take viewers into a new era of medicine inside Australia’s number one hospital. From the Emergency Department to the wards and operating theatres, RPA will showcase the amazing dedication of the doctors, nurses and specialists, as well as spotlighting the patients’ inspirational stories of courage and determination. 

One of Australia’s favourite actors, Rodger Corser, narrates this gripping new season of the inner workings and behind-the-scenes drama of RPA hospital.

Capturing the raw, unfiltered and touching moments of human drama, the new series will bring more emotionally powerful stories of courage, heartache, joy and struggle as patients endure brave journeys in treatment and undergo life-changing experiences. 

In this season, RPA will add another layer of storytelling depth, digging deeper into the medical teams and patients than ever before. We learn about the hero doctors on the frontline saving lives, understanding why they do what they do and how it affects them. We also get to know the patients’ back stories in their home environment, seeing their lives outside the consulting rooms and hospital wards. 

Plus, RPA will embrace the vast revolutionary changes medicine has made in the last decade with advancements in technologies and treatments such as minimally invasive brain, heart and robotic surgery, 24/7 clot retrieval procedures for stroke sufferers, and many more. RPA is a 9Network series, produced by McAvoy Media with the cooperation of patients and staff at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

RPA – Monday 17 April, 2023 at 8:50pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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RPA on Channel 9
RPA (image – Nine)

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