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Ladies in Black on ABC – Magda experiments with a new range of clothing for ‘Young Sophisticates’.

Mrs Ambrose is determined to sabotage it, before the crowds of ‘working girls’ can impact on her wealthy wives buying big for racing season. At Magda’s suggestion Lisa and Angela wear young, sophisticated outfits on the town.

Lisa challenges her mousy reputation by springing a surprise revelation the university crowd – to pleasing effect. Lisa is winning the respect and possibly more of her ‘crush’, Richard.

Angela’s good intentions melt away as she and George become more deeply involved. Lisa and Angela’s friendship faces a huge test when Magda’s plan to uncover the Goodes design thief confronts Lisa with a very uncomfortable truth.

Mrs Ambrose helps young and ambitious Adam move from loading dock to the sales floor, but the price she extracts may drive a wedge between Adam and Elias.

Facing eviction, Elias finds a home with Lisa and a new soulmate in Lisa’s mother Dorothy. But is Lisa ready for a friendship between her staid mother and her flamboyant colleague?

With Rudi increasingly ‘working late’ with frozen foods, Fay reconnects with old friends from her dancing days. The ever-closer business relationship between Rudi and Marlow throws her off balance, especially when she and Rudi are offered the keys to the corporate kingdom by Marlow.

A swanky dinner leads to awkward overtures from both Marlow and his wife. When Fay joins with Mrs Ambrose’ clandestine operation at the Spring Carnival, events lead her to a catastrophic error with awful implications.

Production Credit: Bunya Media Group

Ladies in Black on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 7 July at 8.30pm

Ladies in Black on ABC

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Ladies in Black on ABC

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