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Tonight | The Marlow Murder Club on Channel 7 and 7plus

The Marlow Murder Club on Channel 7- The women wonder if they’ve really got what it takes to solve this case – Becks’ family are worried for her safety, Suzie’s daughter is about to return home, and Tanika is under pressure from her superiors.

But Judith makes a breakthrough with the evidence from the lawyer’s office, and shares her discovery with Becks and Suzie – there’s an important link between the murders, and the investigation is back on!

In revealing her discovery, Judith must grapple with a personal secret from her past that is threatening to resurface, and reveal some uncomfortable truths to her new friends. Unsettled by Becks and Suzie’s questions, Judith tells them to leave, and resolves to catch the killer on her own.

After realising that the key to solving the case has been in front of her all along, Judith sets about creating the perfect trap for the killer.

It leads her into a dangerous confrontation as she risks her life to reveal the murderer’s identity, just as a huge storm hits Marlow, cutting her off from her friends and the police.

Becks and Suzie must follow their instincts and work together to convince Tanika and her team that Judith is in danger before it’s too late – will they make it in time to save their friend and stop the killer?

The Marlow Murder Club on Channel 7 and 7plus – Tuesday 21 May at 9.05pm

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The Marlow Murder Club on Channel 7

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