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Ladies in Black on ABC – Preparation for the Goodes Summer Catalogue brings tensions between Magda and Mrs Ambrose to boiling point.

Magda’s convinced that a vibrant and youthful direction is needed to save the store. Mrs Ambrose and her co-conspirator, Mackenzie, are confident they can use Magda’s over-reach to have her sacked. They put the wheels in motion.

Fay becomes the reluctant confidante of a beautiful model, who unloads about her affair with a married man. The unwanted revelations increasingly point towards Rudi being unfaithful. When Marlow emerges as Rudi’s new business partner, Fay finds herself beset by uncertainty. Who can she trust? The husband who is betraying her, or the ex-lover who has lied before.

Lisa’s determination to be published by her university crush, Richard, sees her caught with her hands in the bikini jar. The price of Fay’s silence is Lisa taking Magda’s step-son, George, to a ‘Bikini Wars’ photoshoot.

Angela is a surprise addition to the outing once she learns that George is the hot pianist who has recently serenaded her.

Lisa’s embarrassment at the hands of the ‘in crowd’ brings Angela and George to her defence, sparking an attraction between them.

Elias puts his job on the line to protect his young friend, Adam from the lecherous Mackenzie. Elias’ success has the happy side-effect of taking out Mrs Ambrose’s main ally.

Magda’s risky take-over of the catalogue shoot pays dividends, and she emerges in a stronger position than ever. Lisa finds a controversial way to stake her claim on the bikini wars article.

Production Credit: Bunya Media Group

Ladies in Black on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 30 June at 8.30pm

Ladies in Black on ABC

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Ladies in Black on ABC

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