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Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger (image - SBS)

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Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger on SBS – Award-winning filmmaker and journalist Tim Noonan investigates the ultimate wildlife mystery to find out if the world’s rarest, most elusive animal – the Tasmanian Tiger – is gone for good or just very good at playing hide and seek.

To solve nature’s greatest cold case, Tim joins a team of scientists from the University of Tasmania as they launch the most comprehensive search in history for the legendary creature. Using thousands of camera traps, scientists have transformed the island’s wilderness into a “big brother” for wildlife.

The Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, was an Australian carnivorous marsupial unlike any other known animal – it had a head like a wolf, legs like a kangaroo, stripes like a tiger, and a pouch like a koala.

Along the way, the two-time Walkley Award-winning filmmaker is drawn into the strange world of tiger treasure hunters and conspiracy theories and discovers that delving into mysteries can lead to madness.

Episode Two:

Tim explores reports of thylacines in Papua New Guinea, a country once connected to Australia thousands of years ago. Despite the dangers of tribal conflicts, Tim ventures into the unexplored jungles with a local biologist who has found compelling leads among villagers.

Facing the threat of kidnapping, Tim questions his sanity but persists – ultimately collecting potential DNA evidence from a remote cave. Back in Australia, Associate Professor Jeremy Austin tests the evidence, revealing intriguing results.

Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger on SBS and SBS on Demand – Final Episode / Wednesday 19 June at 7:30pm (2 Parts)

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Hunt For Truth: Tasmanian Tiger on SBS

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