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Four Corners on ABC – ​One in every 18 births in Australia is now a result of IVF. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry creating ‘miracle babies’.  

People need to know … this is the company you’re getting into bed with.” 

But when things go wrong, who is holding these fertility clinics to account? ​

Four Corners reporter Grace Tobin investigates incidents of the wrong sperm being used to conceive children, a serial donor with potentially 700 offspring, and a lab contamination that destroyed precious embryos.  

​She meets the women and their partners fighting back against the corporate giants – teaming up to get access to their own medical information and going to whatever lengths it takes to force clinics to put patients before profits. 

Four Corners: When IVF goes wrong, will air at 8.30pm on Monday 24 June 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview. See more at and on ABC News social media platforms. 

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