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Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7 – storyline rundown for episode 5, 2024, screening at 7.00pm on Friday 1 March on 7 and 7plus.


In Western Australia’s southwest, Joh is visiting the Mandurah region that features some of the oldest and newest attractions WA has to offer. Local guide and Noongar elder, George Walley, shows Joh the ancient rock-like formations called thrombolites at Lake Clifton. From the old to the new, George and Joh checkout the Giants, a series of enormous wooden sculptures dotted around the town. That’s not all though, Joh also learns about the friendly local dolphins who call the waterways of Mandurah home and cooks up a delicious crab feast. This is a real appetiser, in more ways than one, for the upcoming Crab Fest, a festival of fun, food and of course, crabs!


Singapore is a garden city with half the main island covered in green space, and as a country, it’s the first in the world to be certified as a sustainable destination. Adam and Melissa discover the hotel that was designed to be a “hotel in a garden” and the bar that’s trying to create new rituals of eating and drinking that use only ingredients that are in abundance in the local area.

The hotel seamlessly blends urban luxury with nature and contains plenty of inspiration for vertical gardening at your place. But it’s the rooftop urban farm that is it’s crowning glory. It’s home to over 50 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs all used in the hotel’s restaurant. And the best way to see all this might be on the Sky Helix that rises 79m above the ground, providing a spectacular 360-degree view of this “city amongst the gardens.”


Does a meal get more classic than Mac and Cheese? It’s the ultimate comfort food, but Karen’s going to add a few of her favourite ingredients to elevate the flavours. While most people will use whatever cheese they have left over for the white sauce, Karen recommends two tasty cheeses that are a staple on supermarket shelves. This one will smell so good, holding your family back from eating it will be the hardest part of the recipe.


With stone fruit only in season for a short time, you want to make the most of them. Sure, they’re delicious stewed, sauteed and in fruit salads, but today, Colin is going to bake them with some sweet herbs and served with crème fraiche. You can have your fancy desserts, but with this simple recipe, nature is providing all the colour and flavour you need.


You know there’s more to Aussie natives than Grevilleas and Bottlebrush. Tonight, Graham visits Boongala Gardens, one of the most admired Australian native gardens in Sydney. And whilst the Grevilleas are the stars, Graham is keen to discover more of the diversity of our Australian flora. Small flowers, large flowers, different textures and colours are everywhere you look. You might just find a new favourite to plant at your place!


The backyard fruit tree is an Australian tradition but depending on the size or shape of your garden, a big ol’ tree might not be appropriate, so Charlie is going to show us how to prune, shape and train our fruit trees to grow how we want them. This is the art of Espalier, a technique that has been practised in Europe for centuries. Charlie shows us two different type of espalier techniques, one fixed version using grow wires against a fence, the other will be a pot version using a lattice backing, perfect for the homeowner or tenant who doesn’t have much space.


The linen closet is the landing space for some of our most commonly used items like sheets, bedding and towels. But they often become total messes, causing much consternation when trying to find complete sheet sets. But it doesn’t have be that way. With Juliet’s tips and tricks for folding, storage and keeping them smelling fresh, your linen closet will become an organised masterpiece.


Dogs are more than just pets; they’re valued members of our families. Tonight, Dr Harry meets Elissa, who stepped up to care for her grandmother’s precious older dog when her grandmother needed to go into aged care. But for eleven-year-old Australian Silkie Terrier Peggy, she just lost the most important person in her life. These big changes have caused Peggy severe anxiety and Elissa, and her husband Anthony simply don’t know what to do about it. Let’s hope Dr Harry can help little Peggy gradually adjust to her new situation.

Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7 and 7plus – Friday 23 February, 2024 at 7.00pm

Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7

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Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7
Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7 (image – Seven)

Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7

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