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Sunrise cash cow (image - 7NEWS)

Sunrise on Channel 7 has the Cash Cow returning

Sunrise on Channel 7 – Un-bull-ievable! Sunrise’s Cash Cow Returns. Enter for a chance to win mega cash prizes.

After a brief graze in the paddock (where Kochie left her a bit too long), Sunrise’s beloved Cash Cow is back and she’s bringing a moo-numental cash pool with her.

After a series of unexplained appearances at Brekky Central this week, the Cash Cow made her moo-tives clear this morning. From Monday, viewers can visit the Sunrise website and enter their details for a chance to win mega cash prizes.

An udderly impressive $5,000 will be given away every day next week, however, if viewers don’t answer within three rings, the amount will continue to jackpot.

If that wasn’t enough cow puns, Sunrise co-host Nat Barr added:

“It’s time to say say Mooooo-chas Gracias to our gorgeous heifer and milk her for what she’s worth! I am so excited to welcome the Cash Cow back to Sunrise.”

Shirvo said,

“Mark your dairy. Cannot wait to see the Cash Cow back and more generous than ever. She’s been out to pasture, saving up the dosh and has plenty to give away!”

Visit the Sunrise website from Monday to enter for your chance to win.

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