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SPA announces support for Voice to Parliament

SPA announces support for Voice to Parliament – The Council of Screen Producers Australia (SPA), representing the interests of more than 700 screen businesses, is throwing its weight behind the movement for constitutional recognition of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

SPA’s Council, which comprises distinguished professionals from Australia’s prominent screen industry, is united in supporting the ‘Yes’ campaign to amend the Constitution and ensure Indigenous voices are heard.

SPA President, Tracey Vieira, asserts,

“As an industry that thrives on storytelling, we understand the significance of amplifying all voices. We’re committed to advancing the screen sector while contributing to the growth and empowerment of First Nations people. Supporting the establishment of an Indigenous Voice aligns with our core values.”

SPA CEO, Matthew Deaner, reiterates the commitment, saying,

“SPA stands with conviction to create a screen industry that is inclusive and representative of all Australians. The First Nations Voice to Parliament is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to genuine reconciliation and cultural enrichment.”

The formal statement of support from SPA emphasises the profound cultural and historical significance of the world’s oldest continuous storytellers, Australia’s First Nations people. The statement pledges to ensure that SPA’s members continue to have the platform to tell their stories on screen.


Screen Producers Australia (SPA), as the peak industry and trade body representing over 700 screen businesses across all genres and formats, proudly stands in support of the First Nations Voice to Parliament. We recognise and honour Australia’s First Nations people as the world’s original and oldest continuous storytellers, whose invaluable contributions shape our nation’s cultural identity through unique screen stories. We welcome the millennia of rich stories and valuable learnings held by this land and its first peoples who are inherently connected and recognise the importance of truth telling as part of the reconciliation journey we are on to realise a fuller expression of Australia’s nationhood.

SPA firmly believes that the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice enshrined in the Constitution is a vital step towards genuine reconciliation and empowerment. This Voice will ensure that Indigenous Australians’ voices are heard when Parliament deliberates policies affecting their communities, safeguarding their stories, perspectives, and aspirations. We acknowledge that the Voice doesn’t create new laws or control funding, but rather provides informed advice to the Government on matters that impact Indigenous Australians.

By supporting the First Nations Voice to Parliament, SPA reaffirms its commitment to fostering a culturally diverse and inclusive screen sector that champions authentic storytelling.

We are dedicated to amplifying the creative voices of Indigenous filmmakers and producers, ensuring their narratives continue to grace our screens and enrich our collective understanding.

SPA recognises that this referendum proposal is a historic opportunity for national unity and reflection. Just as the Uluru Statement from the Heart invites us to walk together in a movement for the Australian people for a better future, we encourage respectful conversations and informed decision-making among our members and stakeholders. As leaders in the Australian screen industry, SPA accepts this warm invitation to walk alongside First Nations people, towards a future of equity, understanding, and shared prosperity.

Council, Screen Producers Australia

SPA encourages all Australians to learn more about the Voice referendum. For more information, visit the website. SPA will also host an informative session exclusively for its members on 20 September, with  Arrernte and Kalkadoon woman, multi-award-winning filmmaker, and Co-Chair of Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition, Rachel Perkins. This session will provide insights and foster respectful conversations on the matter, and provide further resources for members looking to deepen their understanding.

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SPA announces support for Voice to Parliament

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