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Swift Street on SBS – Embark on a thrilling urban heist-escapade through inner-city Melbourne in SBS’s wildly entertaining new crime-family drama Swift Street.

This action-packed drama follows 21-year-old street smart Elsie (Tanzyn Crawford) who must team up with her jaded old-school hustler father, Robert (Cliff Curtis), to get him out of a $26,000 debt and save him from a merciless crime boss (Eliza Matengu). The unlikely pair embark on a series of crimes while navigating their complicated father-daughter relationship.

Along the way, Elsie must juggle her relationship with high school sweetheart Tatenda (Alfred Chuol), her growing attraction to Aisha (Bernie Van Tiel) and face a shocking revelation about her new friend Tom (Keiynan Lonsdale).

Episode Three:

Elsie seeks out her estranged mother Moreblessing for help, while Robert worries Elsie might abandon him.

Episode Four:

Elsie and Robert hatch a plan to pose as real estate agents leasing houses to wealthy renters.

Swift Street on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Episodes / Wednesday 1 May at 8.35pm (8 parts)

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Swift Street on SBS

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