Monster: The Mystery of Loch Ness
Monster: The Mystery of Loch Ness (image - SBS)

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For the first time, in this epic three-part series, we tell the complete and definitive story of Loch Ness.

In a detailed forensic examination of the evidence, both photographic, film, anecdotal and cultural, to the human stories of those drawn to both the phenomenon and the place. We reveal how the stunning landscape has witnessed feuds, fakery and failure that has seen countless lifetimes sacrificed to the pursuit of a monster that the scientific establishment has argued cannot exist, or can it?

In an epic story that takes viewers from the savagery of the late Triassic period to the modern internet age, we use expert testimony, archive footage and stunning landscape filming, to create a series that is the definitive history of the Loch Ness phenomenon, scrutinising and unravelling the stories which have been at the heart of the monster mystery.

Series One, Episode Three: The Monster Lives On?

Recent eyewitness footage of the Loch Ness Monster shows that we are still as obsessed today as ever with the existence of the beast. Yet, over the past few decades two of the most iconic photos of the monster – the ‘Flipper Photo’ and the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ – are proven to be fake. Despite this, the world still craves more evidence, and millions make the pilgrimage each year to the loch’s shores to catch a glimpse of the beast.

Monster: The Mystery Of Loch Ness – Final Episode – Monday, 27 February at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (3 Parts)

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