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Australia’s toughest quiz is back for Season Five.

In 85 episodes, a new batch of contenders from across Australia will be challenged by quizmaster Marc Fennell, all in a bid to become Australia’s next Mastermind Champion.

Quizmaster Marc Fennell will ask over 14,000 questions to more than 220 contenders. The contenders are ready to teach and entertain the audience with a diverse range of subjects. From The Life and Works of Henri Vieuxtemps, Hollywood Stars of the 30s, Anne Boleyn, Tori Amos, Greek Mythology, Virginia Woolf, the History of Frisbees, Eurovision, Back To The Future, and much more!

Mastermind – New Season Premiere/SBS Commission/Weeknights from Monday, 13 February at 6.00pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (85 Parts)

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