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Mastermind on SBS – The country’s most challenging quiz show is back for season six, and the questions are tougher than ever! Hosted by Marc Fennell, week one’s topics range from sport to history to reality TV, and more!

Episode One: (Monday)

Mastermind is back! Tonight’s specialty subjects are: NRL State of Origin from 1985 – 2005, the Battle for Hill 60, Survivor All Stars and The Human Brain.

Episode Two: (Tuesday)

Tonight’s specialty subjects are the Life and Career of Doc Evatt, the sitcom Bottom, Fawlty

Towers and Collingwood Football Club from 1927 – 1930.

Episode Three: (Wednesday)

The contestant’s specialty subjects are a wide range tonight: Johannes Vermeer, the Thousand Island Region, the Academy Awards from 2014 to 2023 and Parks and Recreations, seasons 3 and 4.

Episode Four: (Thursday)

The questions toughen up, with tonight’s specialty subjects being the band Sparks, the films of Woody Allen, the Soloman Islands and New Order.

Episode Five: (Friday)

The Champions final heats up as contestants are put to the test – who will emerge the victor?

Mastermind on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Season Premiere / Weekdays at 6.00pm from Monday 25 March (86 Parts)

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