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Six riot police officers carry out an eviction in downtown Madrid that goes horribly wrong, leaving one man dead at the end.

An Internal Affairs team is put in charge of investigating the facts and the six riot policemen are accused of reckless homicide. The officers try to find a way out of the situation on their own, which ends up ripping them apart and making their situation even more complex.

The only woman on the Internal Affairs group, Laia (Vicky Luengo), becomes obsessed with the case and ends up discovering that behind the botched eviction is a corrupt real-estate network that reaches up to the highest circles. Laia and the riot police become unlikely colleagues who together will risk it all to uncover a criminal conspiracy perpetrated in Madrid for many years.

Series One, Episode Three:

In addition to the consequences inside the force, the riot police discover in a hearing in front of a judge that they stand accused of second-degree murder. A prison sentence is demanded for them, between four and nine years. Alex asks his uncle for help, and the latter puts him in touch with Revilla, a former policeman who can go where the law can’t reach to get things done.

Antidisturbios – New Episode – Tuesday, 21 February at 11.05pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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