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Amazing Railway Adventure on SBS – From digging up ancient artefacts to swimming in the freezing Arctic Circle, Nick Knowles is experiencing the wonders of the world, by train.

Over six fantastic globe-trotting trips he immerses himself in the people, landscapes and culture of Peru, Mexico, Alaska, Norway, Vietnam, and Malaysia, hopping aboard some incredible trains as he undertakes some of the most breath-taking railway journeys in the world.

Series One, Episode One: Mexico

From Los Mochis in Sinaloa to Creel in Chihuahua, Nick Knowles’ railway adventure across Mexico is jam-packed with incredible sights and people.

Nick Knowles is on a railway journey of a lifetime across Mexico on a route from the Pacific coastline at Sinaloa through the incredible Copper Canyon to Creel in Chihuahua.

Before boarding his train, Nick visits Topolobampo, a coastal port, where freight trains carrying goods to and from container ships join the railway line through the Copper Canyon.

Amazing Railway Adventure – New Series Premiere – Saturday, 15 July at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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Amazing Railway Adventure on SBS

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