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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (20 March)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – Having missed last week’s Dinner Party, Lauren is gagging to catch up on all the gossip from the week (or in her case two weeks) gone by.

And this one should be a juicy one considering all the brides and grooms have just spent the week at their partner’s homes.  

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Lauren is keen to check in on Tori, but not so much “misogynist pig” Jack. Lauren’s words, not ours. 

But it appears Tori hasn’t been having the same feelings, with Lauren noting she was the only person in the experiment that didn’t message her to wish her well for surgery. 

MAFS 2024
Can you tell Lauren is super excited to be attending the Dinner Party!? (Nine)

Even though Tori has been pretty quiet, there’s one thing she’s excited to be loud and proud about tonight – she and Jack finally HAD SEX. 

Cue the party poppers and someone hit play on Kool & The Gang’s ‘Celebration’, because that is exactly what this calls for. 

DINNER PARTY DEBRIEF: Dom and Ella ‘cringe’ as Tori and Jack drop make a bombshell announcement

Well it should call for celebration, because everybody has been banging on (excuse the pun) about Tori and Jack’s sex life (or lack thereof) for nearly nine weeks now. 

And what does Jack have to say about the matter? 

“We were intimate, it worked she liked it… the man’s always the star of the show let’s be honest,” Jack says. And well, Jack certainly isn’t any E.L. James. 

Someone who does have a way with words is Lucinda, who has returned to Skye Suites alone after a disastrous Homestays with Timothy. 

She so eloquently explains why it just isn’t working out: “Tim’s a handsome fella, he’s got good values but unfortunately there’s another aspect that I don’t think he’s developed inside himself, emotional maturity.” 

But there’s hope on the horizon as Timothy says he’s open to whatever Lucinda’s got to give to him, criticism or otherwise. 

With even Lucinda and Timothy on their way to the Dinner Party (although separately), it’s a cause for concern that Eden and Jayden haven’t budged yet. 

And their lateness isn’t because Eden is still trying to figure out which shoes match her dress best.

Instead a disagreement about Homestays has Eden threatening to pull out of the Dinner Party last minute. 

“These events give me such anxiety that it’s really not worth doing it for me anymore,” Eden cries. 

The problem stemmed from Jayden’s want to be honest with the other couples about the relationship issues he and Eden faced on Homestays. 

“I just don’t like talking about the problems because I can’t handle conflict,” she admits. 

WATCH: Jade is embarrassed by Ridge’s inappropriate comments at the Dinner Party

Cocktail Hour  

Even though Tori and Jack have waited nine long weeks to tell the group they’ve finally done the deed, it’s Jade and Ridge who make the grand announcement. 

Ridge found out after Jack texted him, there was just one strange thing about that text – it included a wind emoji. 

Ridge doesn’t know exactly what it means, but the other brides and grooms (namely Lauren and Sara) concoct a theory that the wind emoji means Jack is ghosting Tori. 

As outlandish as that theory may seem at first, it doesn’t seem totally off the mark when Tori and Jack tell the group they’ve done the deed with an a very humdrum level of excitement. 

They’re sitting Covid restriction distances apart from each other and even the experts aren’t feeling much of a connection between Tori and Jack. 

The experts do however feel a connection between Lucinda and Timothy. When they reunite, there’s no awkwardness, just kindness, although they both have plenty to talk about later. 

There’s another reunion happening between Lauren, Timothy and Sara, our favourite and most unlikely trio. “We’re like Charlie’s Angels,” Timothy jests. “I think they have boxing gloves in their purchase too.” 

Last to arrive is Eden and Jayden. Eden is ridden with anxiety and is stalling behind the sliding door. Jayden assures her he’ll have her back although Eden feels like Jayden still doesn’t “get it”. 

The other brides and grooms come at Eden and Jayden with a the routine questions about their Homestay visit, Eden is visibly nervous but she’s saved by the clink of the waiter’s glass…we’re not sure she’ll be so lucky at dinner. 

Dinner Party 

Not too long into the first course, Timothy whisks Lucinda away. He wants to apologise for how their disastrous Homestays visit unfolded. 

“My frustration comes from me, I entered Homestays defeated and I couldn’t hide it,” Timothy explains. 

“I do want to apologise. I felt really good seeing you tonight.” 

It’s a heart touching moment the two share and it’s capped off with a laugh of course. 

“I wish sometimes you would tell me, you know what you’re a d–khead. I would love for you to call me an absolute f–kwit,” Timothy tells Lucinda.

And it might be the first time in the experiment that a husband has asked his wife to call he him names. 

There’s good vibes between the couple as Lucinda admits, “he’s really hard to stay angry at”. She adds, “everything is resurrectable, everything is forgivable.” Fingers crossed!

Lucinda and Timothy return the table just in time for Tori and Jack’s Homestay questionnaire and we’re sure that this is one that Timothy does not want to miss. 

WATCH: Lucinda and Timothy’s heartfelt reunion following their Homestays walk-out

Tori and Jack tell the group of their plans for Tori to move to the Gold Coast with Jack. Lauren tries to give Tori an out and says, “You know if you’re not ready to move to the Gold Coast, you’re allowed to say that.” 

But Tori assures everyone she is “ready”. So ready in fact, she can feel herself “falling in love” with Jack. 

Jack follows up Tori’s grand romantic statement with this: “I’m having a good time, yeah I’ve got a lot of love for Tori.” 

Yeah, not really on the same level. 

The group pounces on Jack’s subpar declaration of affection, Lauren calls it a “bulls–t answer” while Timothy asks, “Have you made up the sleeping thing to take the heat off?” 

Tori is quick to clap back, “Did you kiss your f–king wife to take the heat off?” 

Touché Tori, touché.

MAFS 2024
Oh snap! (Nine)

Timothy can handle Tori’s fiery side, but says the issue is that the group has never seen Tori be “fiery” with Jack. 

Lauren again raises her concerns about Tori’s “blind loyalty” to Jack. 

Tori brushes it off and says Lauren just wants to see her “pop off”. And Tori does pop off just not to who you’d expect. 

Sara chimes in: “The problem is you don’t feel anything…”. “DON’T TELL ME HOW I FEEL!” Tori lashes back in a voice that sounds like it’s from the underworld.

MAFS 2024
The veins are popping. (Nine)

“Just trust that what I’m doing is right and if it’s not, you can all laugh,” Tori tells the group. 

But the group doesn’t want to do that and they plead with Tori to “open her eyes”. 

Tori has this cold message for the group: “There is no one at this table – maybe [Lauren] at the beginning – that I’d want to spend time with after this experiment. None of you. None!” We’re assuming this does not include Jack who is in fact a person sitting at this table. 

Looking to take the heat off of them, Tori and Jack turn to Eden and Jayden to take to the floor. 

“I don’t want to take to the floor especially when Jayden and I are in a really bad place,” Eden speaks her inner thought to cameras. 

She buckles under the pressure and takes Jayden with her so she can have a moment away from the group. 

Eden is struggling with her anxiety but insists she’s “fine” even though she’s totally “checked out”. 

While Jayden just wants to talk it through, Eden doesn’t. “I don’t think you quite understand that I don’t want to go to these things and have an argument with you,” she reminds him. 

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MAFS 2024
Eden has had enough. (Nine)

Jayden says he wants the “full experience” of the experiment, he wants to talk to the other brides and grooms about what’s been going on in his and Eden’s relationship but Eden says she “can’t give that to [Jayden]”. 

For Jayden it’s a familiar response. “You always revert back to telling me that you’re not the one for me and telling me to find other people,” he says.

Eden and Jayden go round and round in circles but Eden explains the bottom line is she “just can’t do this anymore”. 

But Jayden is “tired of these threats” and wants to go round and round some more. While Eden has “given up the fight” the experts worry Jayden is talking to his wife as if he’s a “security guard”. 

“My relationship with Jayden has gotten to a breaking point because I adore him but I’m honestly scared of conflict with him because I can’t get out of it once I’m in it,” Eden explains to cameras. 

“I think at this point I’d rather just shut down because I really like Jayden and I don’t want to lose him so I’m happy to just cop the things I do wrong and not say anything so I can have him, I guess.” 

MAFS 2024
It’s not looking good for Eden and Jayden. (Nine)

Will Eden ever truly open up about her relationship struggles? If there’s anyone that can help her it’s the experts at Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony. 

Our trusty Season 9 BFFS Dom and Ella have recapped this entire episode too… and you’ll want to hear what they said in the video below.

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Stream every episode of Married At First Sight for free on 9Now.

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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