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Recap | Claire comes clean about what really happened with Adam as two new couples get married on Married at First Sight

With the bad blood booted after last night’s dramatic Commitment Ceremony, there are only good vibes in the Married At First Sight experiment right now.

Bronte and Harrison are moving back in with each other and Jesse is on cloud nine over his and Claire’s positive turn around.  

“I felt so connected to Claire, my heart sang in that moment,” Jesse beams about their time on the couch. 

But Claire isn’t feeling as elated about the bright new chapter in her and Jesse’s relationship. 

“I feel so guilty and so shameful, he doesn’t know the truth,” Claire says.

“I’m carrying this big secret and I need to get it off my chest.”  

MAFS 2023
Claire can’t carry the weight of her secret anymore. (Nine)

Claire is in a manic state and rushes to Sandy’s apartment to confide in her. She confirms that she did in fact kiss Adam on that night out. 

Cue the montage of all the times Claire and Adam told Jesse he was imagining everything. 

Claire breaks down crying, “I just disrespected this whole process.”

But in the spirit of turning over a new leaf, Claire thinks the least she can do is come clean to Jesse and Janelle.

“I would want to leave at least not being a hypocrite and a liar,” she says.  

Claire reveals to Sandy that Adam has been messaging her saying: “Don’t tell anyone.”

Adam is none the wiser of Claire’s plans to come clean. 

And with that grenade ready to go off any minute, it’s the perfect time for two more weddings and our brides and grooms to be invited!  

Evelyn and Rupert’s Wedding

Model Evelyn says that despite her obvious advantages, dating isn’t as easy for her as you might think. She’s experienced her fair share of heartbreak, three times to be exact. Having been cheated on “a bunch of times”, Evelyn is ready to meet someone who will “make her believe in love again.” 

The experts think that that guy is 27-year-old sparky Rupert. He admits he’s “a bit of a romantic” and is ready to settle down. He’s so committed to marriage that he’s heading into the experiment without the support of his parents. 

“Times are changing and you’ve got to find love somehow,” Rupert says.  

Rupert admits he’s “feeling really nervous” and is most worried about his vows and speech. But it seems that Rupert should’ve been more worried about carrying the rings which he loses walking down the aisle. 

Ollie calls it “the worst start” for the groom. 

The ring fiasco doesn’t help things, Rupert starts profusely sweating, swearing under his breath and turns a very interesting shade of red. 

“I am extremely uncomfortable and feel a little sick,” he says.

Evelyn meets Rupert at the altar and while she exudes confidence, he is so lost for words that the guy in charge of the MAFS subtitles can’t even make out what Rupert is saying. 

Rupert stutters through his vows and apologises for two failed jokes. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he loses the rings for a second time. *facepalm*. 

Even the current brides and grooms don’t have much hope for Evenlyn and Rupert. 

Lyndall says despite things being “a little bit clunky” she hopes Evelyn “warms up” to Rupert.

But Cameron has a much more brutal view of things and cackles: “She’s gonna rip him to shreds. Hang on Rupe, mate you’re dusted.”  

“I’m a little bit disappointed because I feel like there hasn’t been that much of a spark,” Evelyn admits

“And his name is Rupert! What type of name is Rupert!?

“I’m trying here with this fella and I’m just not getting anything in return.” 

Tayla and Hugo’s Wedding

Tassie born nurse Tayla is a self-confessed “control freak” and admits that “it’s Tayla’s way or the highway”. But she’s ready to change and knows that if she doesn’t “she’ll be alone forever”.  

Hopefully, Hugo will be the man to change Tayla. The laid back IT executive rates himself “a seven in the right light with heels on”.

Having been raised by a single mum after losing his father at age five to a brain tumour, Hugo gravitates towards women with strong personalities. Here’s hoping Tayla’s isn’t too strong. 

In the hours leading up to the wedding, Tayla is in full meltdown mode. 

“What if he’s short?” “What happens if he’s a freak?” she hyperventilates. 

But when producers tell her there’s two minutes until her arrival, her hysteria turns into excitement as she says she’s dying to go to the toilet.  

“The moment I turned around my heart leapt out of my chest a little bit,” Hugo beams as they meet at the altar.

But all Tayla has to say about Hugo is that her old pet goat shares the same name. How charming. 

“He’s definitely not my usual type,” she tells cameras. 

Tayla reads her vows which sound more like an instruction manual. Hugo’s instructions are as follows:

  1. Handle explosives with care – Tayla is one. 
  2. Defend Tayla at all times, if you don’t she may explode.
  3. Don’t tell Tayla what to do. See above notes about explosives.

“She seems like she’s going to be a bit of a handful,” Hugo says.  

Even still, Hugo isn’t put off by Tayla’s odd vows and is instead charmed by her “space cadet” nature. 

And even though Hugo isn’t Tayla’s usual type, she is won over by Hugo’s heartfelt vows.

“They were exactly what I wanted to hear,” she says. 

All the existing participants watch in awe as Tayla and Hugo find their rhythm at their reception. 

And for marriage celebrant Jesse, being at a wedding makes him reminisce about his own wedding day with Claire. 

“Being here absolutely takes me back to mine and Claire’s wedding day,” he tells cameras. 

“I’d put money on it and say that mine and Claire’s was the best.”  

But for Claire, the wedding brings up nothing but feelings of guilt. 

“It was really hard to sit there and feel excited for someone when I’m feeling so shameful in myself,” she confesses to cameras. 

“Never would I have imagined that I stuffed up so bad.”  

MAFS 2023, Claire Normahas
Claire reflects on the mess she’s made. (Nine)

Claire tries to work up the courage to tell Jesse the truth but makes herself so sick that she rushes to the bathroom to throw up. 

Nervous spew to the side, Claire decides it’s finally time to come clean to Jesse and pulls him outside the wedding for a chat. 

“I’ve broken your trust and that night that we all went out and Adam and I went outside and we kissed,” Claire finally spits out.

After a few moments of silence, Jesse breaks out into evil laughter. 

“That is classic. I just knew it,” he quips.

Jesse is at least glad that his suspicions were founded and that he’s not just the jealous crazy guy everyone was making him out to be. 

But it’s not long before Jesse sets his sights on Adam.

“Adam bro, what a dog,” he snaps. 

“I cannot wait to see him.”

Jesse is sitting there, rubbing his hands together like an evil mastermind and no doubt planning some form of revenge.

Jesse is beside himself and says that he thought Claire was going to break up with him but he never imagined the news would be even worse than that.

“For you to kiss this guy after 30 minutes, that’s just f—ed Claire,” he says.

“I don’t know what type of kiss you had with Adam, but I’m imagining it was more than we ever had in three weeks.”

“I’m really, really sorry,” Claire apologises again.

Married At First Sight continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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