Parental Guidance on Channel 9 announces winner
Kat - Parental Guidance (image - Nine)

Parental Guidance on Channel 9 announces winner

Parental Guidance on Channel 9 announces winner – A raw and straightforward approach has been voted as Australia’s best parenting style as Kat, this season’s Honest Parent, is crowned the winner of Channel 9’s Parental Guidance by her parenting peers.

Kat, a single mother of twins, was one of 12 sets of parents who bravely took centre stage for their unique, distinctly different parenting perspectives and methods to be meticulously unpacked, judged and scrutinised under the guidance of host Ally Langdon and parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson.

Throughout the series Kat earned admiration and respect for being able to perfectly balance a discerning side glance with unwavering love and an endearing dedication to enjoyment at every opportunity.

But ultimately it was tonight’s extreme wilderness mission tasked to Kat and the three other parenting style finalists (Team, American and Lighthouse) that saw her win the vote of the room for her innate “go get ’em” attitude and commitment to fostering a collaborative and fun family unit.

While Kat’s journey to victory was not as straightforward as her parenting style, she would not change a thing.

Kat said:

“I’m the first to admit that I’m not the perfect parent, but who is? Crikey, my child was the example of what not to do in the online gaming challenge and gave away her street address! But that was as much my mistake as hers. We both learned an invaluable lesson that day, and our recovery is what I am giving us a pat on the back for.

“Having more regular conversations about these sorts of things is now the norm thanks to this experience and the tools and tactics I’ve adopted from this elite group of humans.”

Ally Langdon said:

“What an emotional rollercoaster this season was. We laughed and we cried, but that sums up parenting, right? No two days or scenarios are the same. I admire Kat for staying true to her style throughout and showing Australia that it’s just as important for parents to celebrate the highs as it is to learn from the lows. I’m over the moon for her.”

Dr Justin Coulson said:

“What a great coup for Kat. She fearlessly brought a raw and authentic approach to this season that was no easy feat, especially with tough topics like bullying, stranger danger, adult content and sibling rivalry being put to the test.

“The icing on the cake of this season was being introduced to some incredible people raising incredible children, and that’s all we can ask and hope for.”

Parental Guidance was produced by Eureka Productions for the 9Network.

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Parental Guidance on Channel 9 announces winner

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