New Fast Channels on Fetch

New Fast Channels on Fetch

New Fast Channels on Fetch – International producer, distributor and channel operator, Blue Ant Media announced today the launch of its free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels, NatureTime and HauntTV across Australia on Fetch TV.

HauntTV features paranormal-inspired programming and NatureTime offers audiences a bespoke lineup of nature and wildlife programming.

The deal was brokered by media industry advisor Jon Penn of Sydney-based Future of Media Advisory.

“We’re thrilled to be extending free-streaming channels to Fetch’s audiences across Australia. Both HauntTV and NatureTime offer bespoke niche programming that allows viewers to lean back and watch great programming free of charge,” says Carlyn Staudt, General Manager, Love Nature.

Programming highlights on HauntTV include: Haunted Gold Rush (6 x 60’), which explores the ghostly mysteries along an historic Gold Rush Trail as told by three female paranormal investigators; Haunted Case Files (13 x 60’) featuring ghost hunters and mediums who relive their most terrifying encounters with spirits, demons and other unknown entities; Paranormal Survivor (20 x 60’) in which ordinary people relive horrifying real-life ghostly encounters through bone-chilling first-hand accounts and dramatic reenactments; and Big Foot Commandos (6 x 60’) follows a group of vets, ex-lawmen and hardcore woodsmen on the to prove that these
legendary creatures exist.

Programming highlights on NatureTime include: Africa’s Hunters (6 x 60’) an engrossing, look at the lives of some of Zambia’s most formidable predators – lions, leopards and hyenas; Over Australia (2 x 60’), a sweeping aerial exploration of the oldest continent on the planet, showcasing how diverse wildlife has adapted to a developing mosaic of habitats; Arabian Inferno (5 × 60’) which explores the parched and barren landscape of the Arabian Peninsula; and Wildest New Zealand (5 x 60’), which examines the entirely unique mix of creatures who live on the islands of New Zealand, where some birds can’t fly, parrots play in snowy mountain
meadows and penguins roam the street.

Blue Ant Media is a privately held, international content producer, distributor and channel operator. We own and operate numerous production companies in North America and Asia-Pacific, creating content for broadcasters and streaming platforms in multiple genres including factual entertainment, natural history, documentary and adult animation.

Our distribution business, Blue Ant International, offers a substantial catalog of content, including one of the world’s largest 4K natural history offerings. Blue Ant Media operates linear and free streaming channels under several brands including Love Nature, Smithsonian Channel Canada, BBC Earth (Canada), BBC First (Canada), HauntTV, Total Crime, Homeful and HistoryTime.

Blue Ant Media is headquartered in Toronto, with eight international offices in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Washington and Beijing.

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New Fast Channels on Fetch

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